Microsoft’s 2019 Partner of the Year for Canada

Long View is a Licensing Solutions Provider (LSP) and a Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) with Microsoft.  We hold Gold level competency in many Microsoft products such as Cloud Platform, Cloud Productivity, Collaboration and Content, Communications, Datacenter, Enterprise Mobility Management, Messaging, and Windows and Devices. Long View holds additional Silver status for Data Platform.

We have been a Microsoft partner since 2004, and are one of the few cloud providers in Canada who have partnered with Microsoft to deliver hybrid cloud and Azure enabled solutions.

Long View provides Microsoft LSP services to over 400 clients ranging from 500 seats/users to over 100,000 seats/users. Long View has become the “go to” LSP for enterprise customers in Canada, housing some of the largest LSP contracts in the country.

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Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider:
  • Certified able to deliver and support CSP contracts with clients
Microsoft Gold Certified:
  • Gold Cloud Competency
  • Gold Cloud Platform
  • Gold Cloud Productivity
  • Gold Collaboration and Content
  • Gold Communications
  • Gold Datacenter
  • Gold Messaging
  • Gold Enterprise Mobility Management
  • Gold Windows and Devices
Microsoft Silver Certified:
  • Data Platform
Systems Integrator:
  • Providing architecture and deployment services across the Microsoft technology stack
The Cloud OS Network (COSN)

The Cloud OS Network (COSN) is amongst a strategic group of select Microsoft service providers that can deliver differentiated value-added services to end customers based on the Cloud OS vision. COSN is a worldwide program for elite cloud service providers, partnering closely with Microsoft to offer technically validated, cloud-based infrastructures and application solutions.  Members of this network combine Microsoft technology with their hosting expertise and geographic specialization to provide flexibility  and choice for hybrid data centre solutions. As a COSN service provider we have the ability to provide:

  • Cloud Technical Solution Specialist
  • Cloud Strategic Advisor to map licensing to architecture and vendor roadmapping
  • Assistance in the five (5) year outlook for licensing TCO model
  • 360 Governance Engagement
  • Continued development of Long View SYNC / Channel
  • Long View Licensing Solutions beyond Procurement

As a COSN service provider, Long View provides Azure services which allow you to transform how you run your data centres, build applications, and also provides security for your users, devices, and data.

  • Compute (Virtual Machines, Cloud Services, RemoteApp, Batch)
  • Web & Mobile (Websites, Mobile Services, API Management, Push Notifications)
  • Data & Storage (SQL Database, DocumentDB, Cache, Storage, StorSimple, Azure Search)
  • Analytics (HD Insight, Machine Learning, Stream Analytics, Data Factory)
  • Networking (ExpressRoute, Virtual Network, Traffic Manager)
  • Hybrid Integration (BizTalk Services, Service Bus, Backup, Site Recovery)
  • Identity & Access Management (Active Directory, Multi-Factor, Authentication)
  • Media Services & Content Distribution Networks
  • Developer Services (Application Insights, Visual Studio Online)
  • Management (Scheduling, Automation, Operational Insights, Key Vault)


Microsoft Licensing Solutions Provider (LSP)

Long View is able to provide the following skills and assistance to determine appropriate license compliance strategies:

  • Licensing Acquisition Strategy – Expert consultation regarding the most cost effective purchasing options
  • Microsoft Agreement Strategy – Consultation regarding compliance, Enterprise Agreement (EA) or Select Agreement (SA) assistance with volume licensing to simplify and efficiently organize agreements to accommodate business and organizational changes
  • Microsoft Agreement Management – Provide a customized three (3) year program, we refer to as T-36 methodology, to ensure the use of any applicable software assurance benefits, proactive true-ups and renewals, and forecasting costs beyond the three (3) years
  • Quarterly Training – Provided by Microsoft licensing experts and will be arranged with your staff for updates, changes, announcements which may affect you
  • Licensing Support – Our dedicated licensing experts will support your interests – we are your advocate


Microsoft is a tier one partner with Long View, as such the lines of communication between our companies are consistent from the executive level to the field consultants.  This broad communication ensures our strategy is aligned with Microsoft‘s direction – Microsoft Consulting Services (MCS) has invested heavily in extracting the best intellectual capital from worldwide sales and delivery projects and assembling that proprietary content into service offerings. These offerings are then leveraged by Microsoft consultants and sales teams worldwide.

Our investment in Microsoft technologies is deep both from a financial and from a people perspective.  Long View is recognized by both our clients and Microsoft as a company that provides efficient, best practice delivered solutions. This in-turn benefits our clients by reducing risk, providing lower project costs and improving end-user satisfaction.

  • Methodology based on Microsoft’s best practices for deployments
  • Long View invested in extensive training for our Microsoft team
  • Long View has added our own IP to this methodology to ensure successful deployment
  • This methodology has helped increase our quality and decrease project risk

Long View has always operated under the premise that our competitive advantage is being a first adopter for new and leading edge technology.  As such, we take part in beta and TAP programs from Microsoft in order to obtain a technical advantage over our competitors and be able to act as an advocate for our clients; recommend changes and additions to pre-release products that we know will benefit our clients.  In addition, senior Long View staff sit on various Global Partner Advisory Councils (PAC), where we have direct access to senior Microsoft product management where we can voice both ours and our client’s opinions and recommendations for key product fixes and improvements.

In addition, Long View is part of the virtual technical resourcing program (P-Seller). Only the most senior resources in a region are selected by Microsoft to participate in this program.  Long View is proud to support our technical staff in this program.

  • Microsoft Country Partner of the Year Canada (2018)
  • Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Partner of the Year Winner (2017)
  • Microsoft Hybrid Cloud & Infrastructure Partner of the Year Finalist (2017)
  • IAMCP Gold Winner for Partner Services that Drive Customer Value Winner with MediaValet (2017)
  • Microsoft Canada Silver Winner for Operational Excellence (2017)
  • Microsoft Canada Outstanding Execution & Excellence in partnership with HP Enterprise (2017)
  • Microsoft Cloud and Infrastructure Platform Global Partner of the Year finalist (2017)
  • Microsoft Canada Hybrid Cloud Innovation Impact Award in partnership with HP Enterprise (2016)
  • Operational Excellence Award (2009, 2010, 2012 & 2015)

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