A secure, intelligent, agile, and managed network.

We take your network strategy and performance to the next generation.

The days of having your workforce in one place are over.

Users used to be primarily onsite, and applications and devices were owned and controlled by the IT department. Network engineers had fewer variables to consider when managing network performance and security.

The expansion of the enterprise perimeter has introduced chaos, complexity and security risks. In a new “connected” world, Intent-based Networking (IBN) brings order and certainty for next-generation networks.

At a Glance:

  • Intent-based approach to networking​.
  • An intelligent fabric connecting all your locations on a cost-effective basis​.
  • Automated, fully managed, and secure​.

For Consideration:

Today the global IoT web-connected device-to-person ratio globally is up to 10, increasing demand exponentially on enterprise networks.1
By 2021 50% of all IP traffic will be Wi-Fi, 30% will be "wired," and 20% will be mobile.2
By 2022 95% of customers will make an SD-WAN decision.3
How our NextNet offering works for you:
  • Eases the technological complications that come from an increasingly mobile workforce.
  • Maps your business’s unique needs to a custom next-generation network solution.
  • Helps you stay modern by providing a long-term partner that maintains your network as the world evolves.


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Overview of our NextNet Offering

Our goal is to establish a long-term partnership with you as your trusted advisor for all things network – including discovery, deployment, security, management, and evolution. Cloud is part of the solution. Click to learn more about our OneCloud offering.


Keep pace with the rapid changes in how your organization consumes IT services.

We help you overcome the constraints of traditional WANS by delivering increased productivity, network availability, security, application performance, and agility.

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Access the power of your next-gen network simply, reliably, and securely

We combine the simplicity of the Cloud-managed platform with the power of enterprise-grade hardware for next-gen wired and wireless networks.

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– IDC MarketScape

Canadian Security Services 2019

“You should consider Long View if you are a current client of Long View Systems, which may allow you to benefit from bundling discounts when you add security services.”

– Don Bialik

Founder & Chairman, Long View

“It always has to be a win-win-win, with our clients, our partners, and our people.”

Director of Information Services for a leading insurance company

"Our company approached Long View to virtualize our software to satisfy the needs of an important sales partner. Long View suggested using a combination of Citrix Application Delivery technology and Azure Public Cloud, which meets the stringent security, regulator and compliance needs to which the company must adhere. Long View turned our legacy technology into a lightweight SaaS solution. Additionally, Long View was able to implement single sign- on to Azure for both the company and our sales partner. With Long View’s services, the company transformed to a cloud-based SaaS offering in less than 3 months. We could not have done it without Long View’s expertise."

– Phil Mitchell

Director, PMO, Salvation Army

"Long View Systems has proven to be exactly the kind of partner we were looking for as we launched the largest IT program in the history of The Salvation Army in Canada and Bermuda. Their extreme focus on customer service, strong technical bench, and the professionalism and skill of their project management team resulted in a graceful, high-impact transition across our Territory to Microsoft 365 from our legacy systems. We look forward to a long, productive partnership with them in the future."

Director of IT Operations for a national healthcare group

"Long View’s commitment to care & excellence, technical knowledge and collaboration is exceptional."

Client IT Director in a leading global agriculture services company

"Our goal was to modernize the newly formed company, previously consisting of two separate and independent IT departments, at very different stages of the cloud journey into the world-class workplace of the newly formed entity."

Client IT Director in a leading Canadian energy company

"As a result of our work with Long View, we’ve managed to set up our entire collaboration and productivity suite in just three months – and it’s running flawlessly."


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