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Transform your business through data analytics.

Lay a solid data foundation for success.

The beginning of every digital transformation journey is unique, but the objective for all organizations is the same: successfully transition to a secure and digital enterprise. Digital transformation initiatives only succeed 26 percent of the time for tech-savvy companies, according to McKinsey, while just 4 to 11 percent of companies in other industries achieve their intended business outcomes. The most consistent theme for these failing initiatives is the absence of clean and usable data. Without it, digital transformation is virtually impossible.

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At a Glance:

  • We provide the framework to convert your data into a powerful, usable asset to successfully transform your business into a modern and secure digital organization.
  • Our team of experts handles the entire data modernization process from concept and discovery with an assessment, a custom designed solution and full implementation including transitioning the data management program ownership and governance framework to your business.
  • Governance practices along with your data management automation program are designed to ensure optimal data quality, data security, data access, and compliance. The result is a confident path to becoming a modern secure and digital organization.
  • Data modernization solutions include: Analytics, Robotic Process Automation, IoT, No-code/Low-code


Increase business agility, speed to market and competitive edge with actionable insights through secure and real time data.

Our Modern Data Platform is a catalyst for change in the way that you create, consume, and communicate corporate information. It is the only enterprise-grade, hybrid and cloud solution built for robust, scalable, secure and affordable self-service analytics.

Accelerated Data Platform (DPi30)

DPi30 is our entry point solution.


  • 6 weeks end-to-end duration
  • Data ingestion of one data source
  • One business ready Power BI Dashboard prototype
  • Roadmap to a production solution
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Accelerated Data Platform (DPi60)

With our DPi60 solution, you will establish a scalable, high-value production foundation.


  • 12 weeks end-to-end duration
  • Increases speed to market, agility and accelerates key business outcomes
  • Comprehensive solution including PowerBI Dashboard, PowerApp, or PowerAutomate
  • DataOps practices (Azure DevOps, CI/CD)
  • Agile Project Management
  • Client team enablement
  • Build a foundation for future value-added increments
  • Development of backlog to continue to drive value
  • Templates to speed construction


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