Collab Now

Reimagining the promise of the digital workforce.

How modern workplaces, work together.

Collab Now is how teamwork happens in the digital age.

It puts your instant messages, conference calls, video chats, and document sharing into one easy to use stream, accessible on all your devices. It’s like being in the same room as the people you need to connect with, and in many cases, it’s better. It provides seamless, instant collaboration across geographies and time zones. Gone are the days of conference calls with muffled voices, searching through emails to find attachments, and scrolling through pages of messages to find the information you’re looking for. Collab Now is ushering in a new era of teamwork. Because great teams need great tools.

At a Glance:

  • We are recognized in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Managed Workplace Services (2017-2020).
  • We understand the role secure communication, industry-leading technology, and a solid change management strategy play in connectivity.
  • We have earned top certifications from partners like Microsoft and Cisco.
How Collab Now works for you:
  • Empowers your workforce to work from anywhere, anytime and from any device.
  • Eliminates security risks and compatibility issues.
  • Streamlines your technology processes to make everything – and everyone – more efficient.

Client Outcomes

  1. Teams Solutions

    Create an optimized digital collaboration space by augmenting your staff’s effort through automation, advanced technologies, document creation, project tracking, and secured access to data.​

  2. Adoption & Organization Change Management

    Support your digital transformation efforts with reporting and insight capabilities to maximize your investments. Leverage telemetry data to provide Tech Intensity and Friction scores. Train end users with online courses or in-person workshops.​ Learn more about our Adoption & Organization Change Management.

  3. Security

    Ensure the safety and security of your corporate data and infrastructure in a world where staff work from anywhere on any device powered by Managed Security.

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