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January 2024 Licensing Updates

Microsoft Licensing News

WHAT'S HAPPENING: Copilot Studio Introduced

WHEN: November 15, 2023

Microsoft Copilot Studio is a low-code tool that allows users to customize Copilot for Microsoft 365 and build standalone copilots. Users can build, test, and publish standalone copilots and custom GPTs, and manage and secure them with access, data, user controls, and analytics. Copilot Studio provides a full end-to-end lifecycle for customizations and standalone copilots, allowing users to build, deploy, analyze, and manage them from a single web experience. It also allows users to connect Copilot to other data sources, including pre-built or custom plugins and GPTs, to integrate with systems of record such as SAP, Workday, and ServiceNow. Copilot Studio is available now, and its integration with Copilot for Microsoft 365 is currently in preview.

Power Virtual Agents capabilities and features are now part of Copilot Studio, which is priced at $200 USD per 25,000 messages per month. Licenses are capacity based and additional messages can be purchased. A billable message is a request or message sent to the copilot/bot triggering an action and/or response.

Copilot Studio is available as both a standalone web app, and as a discrete app within Teams. Most of the functionality between the two is the same. However, there might be different reasons to choose one version or the other based on the ways you want to use Copilot Studio.



WHAT'S HAPPENING: Copilot for Service offering announced

WHEN: 2024 Q1

Copilot for Service is a new service from Microsoft, currently in public preview, which uses generative AI to analyze data from an organization's trusted knowledge sources and provide relevant and timely guidance to agents. It is flexible and can be integrated with existing CRM and contact center solutions, including Dynamics 365, Salesforce, ServiceNow, and more, allowing organizations to quickly realize the benefits of generative AI.

Microsoft is planning to make Copilot for Service generally available in the first quarter of 2024, and is priced at $50 USD per user per month.

You can read more about about this service here: Announcing Microsoft Copilot for Service  - Microsoft Dynamics 365 Blog



WHAT'S HAPPENING: Sharepoint Premium (formerly Syntex) releases new features and licensing model

WHEN: November 15, 2023

Microsoft has announced the next evolution for Syntex, known as Sharepoint Premium, which offers an advanced content management and experiences platform. SharePoint Premium brings AI, automation, and added security to content experiences, processing, and governance. With this change, Microsoft will be transitioning the services already released as part of Syntex, including SharePoint Advanced Management, to join the growing family of SharePoint services.

You can start using SharePoint Premium today on a pay-as-you-go basis to most Microsoft 365 plans.

  • Content processing services like document processing, content assembly, OCR, eSignature and more are already generally available under the Syntex brand
  • You can also purchase content governance currently under the SharePoint Advanced Management (“SAM”) brand.

Services available now under the Syntex brand will be moving to the SharePoint Premium brand in 2024. SharePoint Premium will include two licensing models:

  • Content processing services, such as document processing, eSignature, PII detection, autofill columns, content assembly, translation and image processing will be available on a pay-as-you-go basis to most Microsoft 365 plans.
  • New capabilities such as Business Documents app, Documents Hub, and the enhanced file viewer, as well as “SAM” will be available as seat licensed services you can add to Microsoft 365 plans, with pricing to be announced at GA in 2024.



WHAT'S HAPPENING: Clipchamp Standard and premium added to the Microsoft Price List

WHEN: December 2023

The Standard plan of Clipchamp's work version is an included service in the following Microsoft 365 business plans:

  • Microsoft 365 E3
  • Microsoft 365 E5
  • Microsoft 365 Business Standard
  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium
  • Microsoft 365 E3 Extra Features
  • Microsoft 365 E5 Extra Features

By default, Clipchamp for work is enabled for users who have one of the above Microsoft 365 licenses assigned to them by their organization.

Starting in December 2023, the new Clipchamp Premium plan is available as a Microsoft 365 Enterprise or Business add-on. Customers on one of the license plans listed above can purchase Clipchamp Premium to access additional features, such as:

  • 4K exports – Crystal-clear UHD resolution up to 30fps helps your videos to look their best
  • Brand kit – Your company’s specific fonts, colors, and logos loaded into Clipchamp make it easy to align with your organization’s branding and ensure consistency across projects.
  • Premium stock content – Top-tier images, video, and audio help you produce professional-looking videos that resonate with people.
  • Advanced analytics with Microsoft Stream – Visibility to crucial video-level metrics help you engage and improve your output by tracking your user behavior and performance for your video.

Clipchamp Premium will be available as a Microsoft 365 Enterprise or Business add-on with an introductory price of $5 USD per user per month through June 30, 2024. After that, the price will be $7 USD per user per month.

Beginning January 2024, Clipchamp will be offered as a standalone license for non-Microsoft 365 subscribers. The Clipchamp Standard SKU will be $3 USD per user per month. The Clipchamp Premium standalone SKU will have an introductory price of $7 USD per user per month through June 30, 2024, and $10 USD per user per month thereafter.


January 2024 Licensing News

WHAT'S HAPPENING: Veeam Data Platform Update      

WHEN: November 5, 2023

It is a new release of Veeam’s data protection and ransomware recovery software, which includes Veeam Backup & Replication v12.1, Veeam ONE v12.1 and Veeam Recovery Orchestrator v712. It introduces AI-powered malware detection, threat intelligence, backup protection, and backup of object storage12. It aims to provide radical resilience for enterprises against ransomware and cyberattacks.



WHAT'S HAPPENING: Veeam Price increase

WHEN: January 1, 2024

Veeam is increasing the prices of most of their products, including VDP, Backup for M365, VCSP, Recovery Orchestrator and Management Pack.



WHAT'S HAPPENING: Major enhancements released for Sophos XDR

WHEN: November 20, 2023

Sophos XDR and NDR are solutions that detect and respond to threats across the network and other security domains. They were enhanced in November 2023 with third-party integrations, network monitoring, and case management features. They aim to provide visibility, response, and threat hunting for the hybrid workforce.



WHAT'S HAPPENING: SolarWinds Price Increase

WHEN: December 2023

SolarWinds has updated its pricing for some of its products, such as Service Desk, Web Help Desk, and Server & Application Monitor.



WHAT'S HAPPENING: Bluebeam Price Increase

WHEN: January 1, 2024

Bluebeam will increase the prices of all Subscription Upgrade SKUs (except for Open License to Complete SKUs) by 10%.



WHAT'S HAPPENING: SonarSource Price Increase

WHEN: January 1, 2024

Price increase ~5% after 7 years of maintaining the same price point.



WHAT'S HAPPENING: Zebra Price Adjustments

WHEN: January 29, 2024

Price adjustments will be made on selected accessories, aftermarket parts, barcode supplies, and a limited number of mobile computers, services, tablets, barcode scanners and printers.



WHAT'S HAPPENING: Trellix Changes

WHEN: January 2024

  • Trellix XDR engine is rebranded as Helix Connect to reflect its connection to the Helix product, which was the first XDR solution in the market. Trellix XDR will be compatible with existing FireEye solutions and will offer regular updates. This will be achieved gradually from January to fall of 2024.
  • Starting on January 15, 2024, Trellix will begin transitioning all customers to the new Trellix Thrive Portal for support, community forums and product updates.



WHAT'S HAPPENING: Ivanti Price Increase

WHEN: February 1, 2024

  • SaaS and On-Premise Subscription SKUs increased by 5%.
  • Perpetual License and Maintenance SKUs increased by 10%.
  • Certain hardware products increased by 25%.
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