Application Economics

Optimize performance, maximize outcomes.

Building the right application portfolio requires a detailed understanding of your business.

We help you establish a sound application economics foundation by assessing the performance of your portfolio within the framework of your strategic business objectives, current IT budget, security requirements, and existing infrastructure.

Through our rationalization, modernization, consolidation, and migration process, our team of experts not only identifies, but fills gaps in your current portfolio to optimize performance and maximize business outcomes.

At a Glance:

  • We assess and confirm the alignment of your application portfolio with your key business objectives.
  • We identify and fill gaps in your current portfolio using a rationalization, modernization, consolidation, and migration process.
  • We work with you to ensure the present and ongoing viability and performance of your application portfolio, using SYNC Up ​​to identify cost optimization opportunities.
How our Application Economics services can work for you:
  • Saves money and streamlines processes by consolidating your application portfolio.
  • Aligns your workforce by ensuring everyone is using the same tools.
  • Makes your spending predictable, stable, and purposeful.

Client Outcomes

  1. Application Rationalization

    Preparing your legacy application portfolio to meet changing business requirements as a result of the emergence of the cloud, big data and remote working is an important first step. Our team of experts assesses the alignment of current application performance with achieving key business objectives. This tells us which applications should be kept, replaced, retired or consolidated.

  2. Application Modernization

    Application modernization is traditionally a complex and sometimes costly process. To eliminate complexity, we have developed a streamlined, cost-efficient methodology to modernize your applications and platform infrastructure. This optimizes performance while maintaining ongoing continuity between environments.

  3. Application Consolidation

    Mapping out a consolidation strategy ensures your agility to respond to changing business needs. We help you streamline your application portfolio to reduce complexity and optimize utilization towards achieving your critical business objectives.

  4. Application Migration​

    Application migration is more than a simple task. From understanding what each application in your legacy portfolio does, to performing a business case assessment that takes into account key factors such as security and governance, we develop the right migration path for your business.

  5. SYNC Up​

    There has never been a more critical time for businesses to optimize cost structures, reduce spending, and do what they can with the technology they own. Our team of experts identifies and extracts the hidden value from your IT assets to enhance utilization and drive meaningful cost savings. We define "true areas of requirement" to ensure that the licences you are paying for are being used and delivering streamlined value on a risk-free basis.

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