Business Continuity

Business Continuity aims to manage risks that could seriously impact Long View and/or customer business operations. It is focused on ensuring Long View is able to provide minimum agreed service levels and business aligned recovery time/recovery point objectives through reducing risk of disaster or major incident events to an acceptable level and planning for the recovery and continuity of IT services.​

To ensure the effective availability of critical products and services, Long View has developed a Business Continuity Planning (BCP) policy in support of a comprehensive program for business continuity and disaster prevention and recovery. The appropriateness, cost effectiveness and fitness for purpose of the BCP is upheld and continuously reviewed as a component of normal Long View Management responsibility under the guidance of a BCP Committee and BCP Executive Sponsor.​

The scope of Business Continuity activities includes all services critical to upholding and maintaining client services and required to uphold and maintain the health, reputation and longevity of the business. Senior managers from each business practice are required to participate and adhere to BCP activities and policies in order to ensure the plan accurately reflects the needs and requirements of the business and can be effectively deployed if deemed necessary. ​

To further ensure appropriate risk reduction measures are in place to reduce the impact of natural disasters, external threats, service level failure or other events which may adversely affect the ability of Long View to maintain contractual obligations and corporate objectives, the BCP is reviewed and fully tested under the guidance of the BCP Committee at least once annually and in accordance with relevant changes to the business operational model. Where possible, efforts are also made to ensure the plan aligns to the business continuity requirements and expectations of Long View clients and adheres to industry accepted best practices and standards.​

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