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With a team of over 100 Cisco certified professionals, we work with Cisco to provide value to our clients and drive tangible business outcomes for your Digital Organization.

From design and deployment to managing and optimizing Cisco technologies, we help empower companies to overcome the limitations of their legacy architectures, realize the full promise of the new digital enterprise, and enable the modern digital worker.

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At a Glance:

  • Canada Partner Of The Year At Cisco Partner Summit 2023.
  • Cisco Gold Partner in Canada and USA​.
  • Cisco Master Collaboration Certified – Deploying 100,000+ IP Phones​.
  • Cisco Master Cloud and Managed Services Provider – Managing 1500+ Cisco devices​.
  • Optimize Hybrid Cloud in a flexible, pay-as-you-use model that aligns to your business needs with OneCloud Cisco+.
  • 20+ years of awards from Cisco.

Client Outcomes

  1. Digital Worker

    Transform the way that organizations communicate securely anytime, from anywhere. Our Cisco Unified Communications experts integrate voice, video, data solutions such as Webex to take collaboration to a whole new secure, high-definition level of productivity. Learn more about our End User Experience solution.

  2. Agile Infrastructure

    In a hyper-speed environment with countless access points, meeting customer demand for innovative products, services, and overall online experience asks a high level of digital agility. Leveraging Cisco offerings such as Hyperflex to Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI), Long View sets the gold standard for building and securing next-generation infrastructures. Learn more about our OneCloud solution.

  3. Security

    A secure digital ecosystem requires a high level of expertise and an array of industry best zero-trust security solutions. From Cisco’s DUO MFA two-factor mobile authentication app, and SecureX integrated security cloud-native platform to NextGen Firewall, Intrusion Detection System (IDS), and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) capability - Long View has you covered. Learn more about our Digital Defense solution.

  4. Modern Networking​

    Meraki is the only solution that provides unified management of an entire network from a centralized dashboard to Cisco's cloud-first SD-WAN architecture. Long View’s team of experts enables you to harness the power and promise of the virtual enterprise. We transform your WAN architecture to provide greater security, application performance, cloud integration, and IT operational simplicity. Learn more about our NextNet solution.

  5. Financial Optimization​

    Through Cisco payment solutions, we help you get more from your cloud investment. Whether you need a simple, flexible, multi-year arrangement for your Cisco security licences, upgrades and support services, or want to take advantage of an easy payment plan, Cisco Finance has the program to meet your needs and budget. Learn more about our SYNC Up solution.

  6. Procurement & Governance

    Becoming a digital organization is a journey, not a one-time event. As a Cisco Gold Partner, our business outcome-focused approach helps your business continuously plan, implement and manage digital transformation. From coordinating your enterprise agreements to providing managed services, we make lifecycle management seamless. Learn more about our SYNCSource solution.


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