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We help your business navigate the complex world of cybersecurity.

Let us demystify your digital defense program.

Businesses know they are at constant risk of phishing attacks.

What isn’t clear is how to defend against them in a market flooded with options. Whether you are a mid-sized business or a Fortune 500 company, the consequences of a cyber-attack are significant. Ensuring your ecosystem is protected is complex, especially when it’s coupled with employees who need access to your system from multiple devices, and locations. Our assessment methodology demystifies the process of securing your environment by working with you to build a roadmap to a better and safer place. We help you sort through the cluttered landscape of cybersecurity and find the solution that’s right for your business.

At a Glance:

  • We specialize in securing Microsoft environments.
  • We employ industry-leading experts in Cloud Security are trusted by national banks and international airlines.
  • Our managed SIEM and SOC services allows your business to defend against real-time attacks.

For Consideration:

71% of organizations experienced at least one cyber-attack in the past year.1
56% of organizations reported a breach caused by a vendor.2
In the US, organizations that don’t comply with data privacy legislation can face fines of up to $22 million.3
How our Digital Defense offering works for you:
  • Customizes a defense strategy unique to your business’ needs.
  • Protects your proprietary data and information.
  • Provides your business with unparalleled expertise, helping you stay current in the battle against cyber threats.


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Overview of our Digital Defense Offering

Bringing the best Experts, Technology and Managed Services to bear, so we can focus on your security while you focus on propelling your business.


Advisory & Consulting
Security Assessments

Working well CIS-20
Gap or Not working CIS-20
Compliance Identification
Awake at Night?
Roadmap or Program

Penetration Testing
Compliance Services

Audit Preparation

Technology Implementation and Integration
Cloud Guard Controls
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Cyber Products
Partners Include

Microsoft / Azure
Palo Alto
Many more…


Next-gen Firewalls
Intrusion Detection
Malware Education/Prevention
Safe Browsing

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Ongoing Services
Active Defense

Firewalls, Routers, Switches, On-Prem and IaaS Servers

User Shield “Managed Sentinel”

Microsoft O365,Azure-AD, MSFT Identity Protection, MCAS,  Defender, Azure workloads,  PLUS 3rd party technology

E.g. Cisco, Citrix, Palo Alto, and growing

Vulnerability Management

Latest and relevant vulnerability notifications

Phishing Simulation & Education Program
Managed Firewall
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– IDC MarketScape

Canadian Security Services 2019

“You should consider Long View if you are a current client of Long View Systems, which may allow you to benefit from bundling discounts when you add security services.”

– Don Bialik

Founder & Chairman, Long View

“It always has to be a win-win-win, with our clients, our partners, and our people.”

Director of Information Services for a leading insurance company

"Our company approached Long View to virtualize our software to satisfy the needs of an important sales partner. Long View suggested using a combination of Citrix Application Delivery technology and Azure Public Cloud, which meets the stringent security, regulator and compliance needs to which the company must adhere. Long View turned our legacy technology into a lightweight SaaS solution. Additionally, Long View was able to implement single sign- on to Azure for both the company and our sales partner. With Long View’s services, the company transformed to a cloud-based SaaS offering in less than 3 months. We could not have done it without Long View’s expertise."

– Phil Mitchell

Director, PMO, Salvation Army

"Long View Systems has proven to be exactly the kind of partner we were looking for as we launched the largest IT program in the history of The Salvation Army in Canada and Bermuda. Their extreme focus on customer service, strong technical bench, and the professionalism and skill of their project management team resulted in a graceful, high-impact transition across our Territory to Microsoft 365 from our legacy systems. We look forward to a long, productive partnership with them in the future."

Director of IT Operations for a national healthcare group

"Long View’s commitment to care & excellence, technical knowledge and collaboration is exceptional."

Client IT Director in a leading global agriculture services company

"Our goal was to modernize the newly formed company, previously consisting of two separate and independent IT departments, at very different stages of the cloud journey into the world-class workplace of the newly formed entity."

Client IT Director in a leading Canadian energy company

"As a result of our work with Long View, we’ve managed to set up our entire collaboration and productivity suite in just three months – and it’s running flawlessly."


Customize your defense strategy.

Our defense experts work to understand where your business is most vulnerable, and they create a plan to defend it.

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Determine the cybersecurity technology that’s right for your business.

We bring together the best partners and technologies from across the globe to help safeguard your environment.

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Monitor and respond to cyber threats 24/7.

Our network of defense architects work in tandem with AI to monitor our clients’ networks and respond to threats from our industry-leading SOC. Ensure your Microsoft ecosystem is protected while employees work anywhere from any device.

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