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In a connected world, your business is no longer a place on a map.

Your line of defense against cybersecurity threats is a shifting landscape of remote entry points comprised of work-from-home employees and external partners.

To proactively identify and effectively respond to cybersecurity threats requires a high level of agility to recognize and adapt to the changing landscape within your unique security ecosystem. Our Services offering provides the agility to ensure that you receive notification of the latest and relevant vulnerabilities that apply to your organization’s technology.

At a Glance:

  • User Shield: A unique offering leveraging Microsoft Sentinel SIEM & XDR technology combined with Long View’s 24x7 Security Operations Center (SOC) to secure your multi-cloud, infrastructure assets, and 3rd party solutions.
  • XDR: Industry-Leading 24x7 SOC, SIEM & XDR solution.
  • MDR Shield: Reduce false alarms and security costs, eliminating disruption and securing your user experience everywhere.
  • Data Shield: A ransomware protection service featuring 24x7 data monitoring, detection, and response to threats, as well as data protection and restoration for Microsoft 365 workloads.
  • Phishing Simulation and Education: Train and educate users about phishing attacks to better protect your organization.
  • Vulnerability Scanning: Gain critical insight into the vulnerabilities that exist in your network ecosystem.
How our Security Services works for you:
  • Empowers your workforce to work remotely without fear of compromising your networks.
  • Cooperates with your existing workload ecosystem, so your workforce can continue to work with the programs they know.
  • Keeps your security measures current by evolving with cybersecurity threats.
  • Protects you from catastrophic damage by activating immediate containment in the event of an attack or a breach.


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Client Outcomes

Our Security Services offering consists of the following three service competencies:


User Shield Microsoft Cloud Security


  • Identity & Access: Entity Behavior, Azure AD Monitoring
  • Endpoint Devices: Endpoint Detection (EDR) Antimalware, ransomware mitigation, risky behaviors
  • Email & Data: Safe Attachments, Safe Links, Safe Documents, Anti-phishing policies
  • Cloud Apps & 3rd Party: Discover Shadow IT, App use, monitor user activities for anomalous behaviors, Sensitive Data
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mdr shield

  • Industry-Leading Tools: Prevent cyber-attacks from happening, and to investigate & remediate incidents when they occur, on all their user devices and servers
  • 24x7 Expert Staff: Deploy, maintain, and operate cybersecurity solutions, and respond & remediate threats
  • Field-Proven Processes & Playbooks: Evolves over time to lower security costs through automating security responses and reducing false positives
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  • 24x7 data monitoring, threat detection, and response
  • Leverages the Long View Security Operations Centre to triage complex problems and provide advice
  • Microsoft 365 data protection beyond the Microsoft defaults
  • Restore your M365 data in the event of a breach
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phishing simulation

  • Focus on your business. Let us handle your end-to-end Cybersecurity defense.
  • Industry-Leading 24x7 SOC, SIEM & XDR solution.
  • Field-Proven People, Processes, Threat Intelligence, Analytics & Long View’s security IP.
  • Lower Security TCO, worry free Security Operations.
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Vulnerability Scanning

  • Build in regular Vulnerability Assessments as a critical part of your organization’s ongoing IT security program
  • Easy and relevant vulnerability information sharing on a regular basis
  • Enhance and improve your existing IT Patching & Remediation Programs
  • Cost effective way to take advantage of industry leading cybersecurity expertise
  • Helps support justification for further remediation initiatives and prioritization that is tailored to your organizations needs and risk profile
  • Allows you to improve your security posture and show demonstrable improvements on an ongoing basis to your business
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phishing simulation

  • Provide analysis and reporting for both the campaigns and education
  • Track employee and organizational performance
  • Receive detailed reports of company performance
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