Good defense starts with good strategy.

The best defense against a cyberthreat is advanced planning.

Specifically, you need a proactive strategy positioning your organization to prevent, predict, detect, and respond to cybersecurity threats. Our defense experts work to understand where your business is most vulnerable, and they create a plan to defend it. They are the architects who envision how various measures will function together to reduce vulnerability and create resilience.

At a Glance:

  • Our defense architects hold the highest levels of certifications and partnership designations.
  • We work with organizations who have advanced cybersecurity needs including national banks, airlines, and major utilities.
  • We have the credentials to ensure your business is meeting your industry compliance standards.
How our Digital Defense Experts work for you:
  • Takes the burden off your team’s shoulders by giving you access to certified experts whose sole focus is the evolving landscape of cybersecurity.
  • Provides the comfort of knowing your most important data and systems are protected.
  • Delivers predictable spending models and ensures the spend is as effective as possible.

Client Outcomes

Once we confirm the makeup of your security ecosystem, we begin the process of proactively addressing your points of potential vulnerability through the following steps:

  1. Establish the Baseline

    Our experts engage with your internal security team to collaboratively perform security and risk assessments, as well as evaluate and baseline your environment. From phishing simulations that determine the awareness levels of your people, to test hacking events, we gain a clear picture of the points of vulnerability within your IT infrastructure.

    Starting with these three questions:

    • Do you know what "normal" is in your environment from the standpoint of activity and access?
    • Do you have control of your privileged access points? For example, the breach of an employee's "personal" ID is not as bad as a breach involving a core system administrator's ID.
    • Do you know what's connected, and more specifically do you know what's running on your network?
  2. Understand Objectives

    Not all information is equal, which is why you must protect yourself against the "who" not just the "what". By engaging with leadership, we categorize what data would be of interest to whom. Through proactive characterization, we can identify and prioritize acceptable risk levels for your organization's information and critical infrastructure.

  3. Create the Plan

    Creating a secure environment is not a one-time event but a continuous process of recognition and adaptation. Our highly trained experts are specialists in creating roadmaps to help you identify and effectively respond to changing conditions - ensuring the ongoing integrity of your security ecosystem.

  4. Implement and Maintain the Program

    For organizations with limited security needs, implementation can be a one and done scenario. For others, where the security needs are more sophisticated and ongoing, regular maintenance is integral to a well functioning digital defense program. Our architects work with your team to determine the appropriate cadence for your business.

– Jo-Ann Smith

Chief Information Security Officer at Long View

“Having been in the security industry for many years, I can tell you with confidence that even the best protective measures be it with people or technology, will not protect you unless you understand the makeup of your security ecosystem. Specifically, the people, the environment, and technology.”

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