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Let’s build, innovate, and grow together to make more possible.

Workshops for Microsoft 365

We help drive the technical and workplace innovations you need to advance your business and your customers’ digital transformation. Let’s build, innovate, and grow together to make more possible.

Modern Work

Collaborative Apps

Demonstrate how Teams and collab apps empower hybrid workers, enable collaboration & improve communications

Hybrid Meetings And Rooms

Share Teams hybrid meeting & meeting room experiences that empower people to work from anywhere, any time

Modernize Communications

Immerse customers in a modern calling experience with Teams Phone capabilities, scenarios & services as their telephony solution

Microsoft 365 Digital Workforce

Help customers envision agile work scenarios and build a plan to strengthen productivity & security

Microsoft Viva

Discover customer needs & demonstrate employee experience transformation with the Viva Suite

Microsoft Viva Insights

Demonstrate how Viva Insights enables people and businesses to improve efficiency & well-being

Endpoint Management

Demonstrate M365 and Endpoint Manager as part of an identity & access management strategy

NextGen Windows

Understand goals for hybrid work & show how Windows 11, W365 & Azure provide secure desktop experiences

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Defend Against Threats with SIEM Plus XDR

Enable customers with visibility into immediate threats across email, identity & data & how Microsoft Sentinel & Defender detect & quickly stop active threats

Mitigate Compliance and Privacy Risks

Demonstrate how Microsoft Purview helps customers detect, investigate, mitigate risk & ensure compliance in their workplace

Protect and Govern  Sensitive Data

Help customers understand & mitigate hidden privacy & regulatory risks within their own environment with Microsoft Purview

Secure Identities and Access

Help customers find & mitigate identity risks & safeguard their organization with a seamless identity solution

Secure Multi-Cloud Environments

Help customers identify current, ongoing risks to their cloud environment & define steps to accelerate their security journey

Microsoft Sentinel Workshop

The Microsoft Sentinel Workshop is designed to create customer intent for deploying and adopting Microsoft Sentinel. The workshop is expected to require about a two-day partner effort.

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