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An introduction to Long View


Long View is one of the most powerful IT solutions and services providers in North America. We support dynamic businesses by bringing agility, simplicity and insight to your people.

Managed Services


Our consultants hold some of the world’s most advanced technical certifications. Their level of education combined with their breadth of experience serving clients in highly sophisticated, complicated verticals allows us to bring leading thinking and strategies to our clients.


We partner with the world’s leading software and hardware developers. By staying closely connected to so many innovative businesses, we’re able to offer our clients the technologies that are the best fit for their business’s scale and maturity.


Our advanced team of technologists, located across North America, serves our clients 24/7 -- ensuring the mission-critical business functions our clients entrust us to manage are supported and stewarded.

Keep your business relevant and competitive in a digital world.

The Digital Organization: Explore the 7 key focus areas for future-facing businesses.


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Meet Long View


Digital Defense

Optimize your cybersecurity.

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Take the guesswork out of procurement and licensing

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Data and Applications

Gain insights that propel your business forward.

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Modern Workplace

Create a digitally empowered workforce.

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Managed Cloud

Simplify and maximize your cloud capability.

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OneCloud: Managed Infrastructure Services

You focus on the tech that builds your business. We’ll take care of the rest.

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Krux Analytics turned to Long View for automated infrastructure tooling
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