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Modernization of both the enterprise and how organizations securely mine the critical data that provides them with the agility to identify and respond to changing – sometimes volatile market conditions quickly is the key to short-term gains and long-term success.

Through a clear and coherent path to data center modernization, the digital transformation of your business will not only improve overall operations but enable you to compete at a higher level to gain greater market share and increase overall profitability.

However, and according to Microsoft's Amy Hood, when it comes to data estate modernization, "there are no shortcuts to doing it right."

As an industry leader in turning client data into meaningful intelligence Long View's Data Modernization Houston practice are experts in converting data into a powerful, useable asset to maximize agility and optimize business success.

At a Glance:

Data Modernization: Solutions

  • Analytics
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • IoT
  • No-code/Low-code

From concept and discovery through to designing and implementing a customized solution Long View's process for data center modernization provides a clear path for transforming your business into an agile enterprise by transitioning the data management program ownership and governance framework to your business.

With a focus on ensuring optimal data quality, data security, data access, and compliance, these governance practices, along with your data center modernization program, will make your organization's transition to becoming a modern, secure, digital organization a reality.

Increase your business agility, speed to market and competitive edge with actionable insights through secure and real-time data.


Long View Houston's data estate modernization service provides you with the tools and support that delivers the crucial insights you need to maximize agility to proactively recognize and respond to changing market conditions, securely and confidently.

Accelerated Data Platform (DPi30)

DPi30 is our entry point solution.


  • 6 weeks end-to-end duration
  • Data ingestion of one data source
  • One business ready Power BI Dashboard prototype
  • Roadmap to a production solution


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Accelerated Data Platform (DPi60)

With our DPi60 solution, you will establish a scalable, high-value production foundation.


  • 12 weeks end-to-end duration
  • Increases speed to market, agility and accelerates key business outcomes
  • Comprehensive solution including PowerBI Dashboard, PowerApp, or PowerAutomate
  • DataOps practices (Azure DevOps, CI/CD)
  • Agile Project Management
  • Client team enablement
  • Build a foundation for future value-added increments
  • Development of backlog to continue to drive value
  • Templates to speed construction


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Amy Hood

Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Microsoft

There is no shortcut on the journey but doing it right is the way to go with early wins – the flywheel – the US team wants to focus on Amy Hood . . . IoT oil and gas.

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