Accelerate your Business Through Data Modernization DPi60


Does any of this sound familiar? 

  • We need foundational help, our business is demanding secure, high-quality, discoverable data that they can use to extract actionable insights from.
  • My business has multiple data silos and rogue data stores that are confusing and insufficient to meet business needs.
  • We have data everywhere – data is collected off our fringe devices, during product development, manufacturing, supply chain, operations, sales and customer support but we aren’t able to extract value from it.
  • Our data usage is seasonal and growing. Our hardware is expensive and costly to maintain, can moving out data to the cloud help reduce operational costs?
  • We have a data warehouse, but our business doesn’t understand our data and there is no single source of the truth, how do we move to a self-service BI model?
  • With all the security issues and breached data we hear about on the news, we are worried about the security of our data.

SD-WAN Discovery

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Use our Modern Data Platform DPi60 as a catalyst for change in the way that you create, consume, and communicate information. The DPi60 is the only enterprise-grade, hybrid and cloud solution built for powerful, scalable, and affordable self-service analytics.

Establish a scalable foundation with a high-value production solution starting as low as $175k.

Business Value

  • Empower your business to scalable, enterprise-class, self-service analytics fronted by Power BI (Optionally consider a PowerApp or PowerAutomate)
  • Leverage real-time and/or batch data sources
  • Powered with Microsoft Azure PaaS Technology
  • Infrastructure as Code (Dev, UAT and Prod environments)
  • Solution deployed for ongoing production business use
  • Provides the foundation on which to build a robust data and analytics environment

Engagement Outcomes

  • Comprehensive solution including PowerBI Dashboard, PowerApp, or PowerAutomate
  • DataOps practices (Azure DevOps, CI/CD)
  • Agile Project Management
  • Client team enablement
  • Build a foundation for future value-added increments
  • Development of backlog to continue to drive value
  • Templates to speed construction

Key Features:

Business Subject Areas: 1 -2
Data Volume: Medium to Big Data
Dashboards: Up to 10
Deployment Type: Production
Self Service Analytics: Yes
Real-Time Analytics: Yes
Client Team Enablement: Yes
DataOps & CI/CD best practices: Yes
Data Governance and MDM: Introduction