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According to industry reports, 91% of all information security breaches result from a phishing scheme. Beyond creating awareness that a risk exists, organizations must take proactive measures to increase the likelihood of real-time detection at the point of attack and accelerate reporting to reduce dwell times should a breach occur.

With Long View's Phishing Simulation and Education service clients can routinely test and assess user ability to identify cybersecurity attacks through customized phishing simulations. In conjunction with the simulations, clients will also receive a monthly report identifying trends regarding user behavior and training completion statistics.

At a Glance:

  • Educate users about phishing attacks, including building an accelerated reporting practice to bridge the gap between recognizing and reporting phishing events. While 30% of phishing incidents are recognized at the time they occur, only 3% are reported.
  • Train users to learn about cybersecurity and its impact on the extended enterprise from both an operational and financial standpoint.
  • Identify which users are susceptible to phishing attacks and provide them with the necessary training to increase vigilance and eliminate the vulnerability.


Long View’s Phishing Simulation and Education service begins with the understanding that anyone within the organization is vulnerable to attacks that provide intruders with an opportunity to install malware or encryption software. This “no blame approach” is designed to shift the focus away from what an employee may be doing wrong to teaching them how to recognize and combat complex phishing schemes.

Through a monthly process that sends simulated and specially targeted phishing emails to employees, we will test their ability to recognize suspicious emails and what measures they currently take to limit the likelihood of a breach. We will also provide a monthly report identifying notable trends in user behavior and implementing a training assessment scorecard to ensure that the proper corrective measures are taken to address threats on a continuous basis.

Finally, we submit a thorough analysis of a client’s network to determine the level of exposure resulting from insufficient security patching, ranking existing vulnerabilities by their criticality to better prioritize patching efforts on a wholistic versus single incident basis.



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