Accelerate your Business Through Data Modernization DPi60


Does any of this sound familiar? 

  • We need foundational help, our business is demanding secure, high-quality, discoverable data that they can use to extract actionable insights from.
  • My business has multiple data silos and rogue data stores that are confusing and insufficient to meet business needs.
  • We have data everywhere – data is collected off our fringe devices, during product development, manufacturing, supply chain, operations, sales and customer support but we aren’t able to extract value from it.
  • Our data usage is seasonal and growing. Our hardware is expensive and costly to maintain, can moving out data to the cloud help reduce operational costs?
  • We have a data warehouse, but our business doesn’t understand our data and there is no single source of the truth, how do we move to a self-service BI model?
  • With all the security issues and breached data we hear about on the news, we are worried about the security of our data.

How do you take your data intelligence to the next level?

SD-WAN Discovery

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Business Value

• Empower your business to scalable, enterprise-class, self-service analytics fronted by Power BI (Optionally consider a PowerApp or PowerAutomate)
• Leverage real-time and/or batch data sources
• Powered with Microsoft Azure PaaS Technology
• Infrastructure as Code (Dev, UAT and Prod environments)
• Solution deployed for ongoing production business use
• Provides the foundation on which to build a robust data and analytics environment

Engagement Outcomes

• Comprehensive solution including PowerBI Dashboard, PowerApp, or PowerAutomate
• DataOps practices (Azure DevOps, CI/CD)
• Agile Project Management
• Client team enablement
• Build a foundation for future value-added increments
• Development of backlog to continue to drive value
• Templates to speed construction

Key Features:

Business Subject Areas: 1 -2
Data Volume: Medium to Big Data
Dashboards: Up to 10
Deployment Type: Production
Self Service Analytics: Yes
Real-Time Analytics: Yes
Client Team Enablement: Yes
DataOps & CI/CD best practices: Yes
Data Governance and MDM: Introduction