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Why Digital Transformation Requires It’s Own “Amazement Revolution”

Recently, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to connect with Shep Hyken who’s New York Times bestselling book The Amazement Revolution, provides important insight into what makes a service organization amazing.

According to Hyken, “Amazement is not necessarily about ‘Wow!’ levels of service, although sometimes it may be. It is about an all-of-the-time, I-know-I-can-count-on-it, better-than-average experience.” In other words, great service – revolutionary service is all about consistency. More specifically, doing the right things all of the time which includes cultivating partnerships, creating a memorable After-Experience, AND hiring the right people.

As you probably noted, I capitalized the word “AND” when referring to hiring the right people. While it is not intended to minimize the other important elements of a great customer service strategy, it does emphasize the importance of having the right people in place especially during times of industry transformation. Or to put it another way, when we talk about digital transformation I firmly believe that you cannot, for example, create smart cities without smart people.

In this context, Lenovo Canada Managing Director Colin McIsaac talked about the importance of people in his #ActivateDigital2018 article when he said that his company had to “look beyond the technology” to create a culture that “embraces an IT evolution.” When it comes to building a world-class, digital ready service organization, revolutionary thinking that includes but also goes beyond the technology is also critical.

What is revolutionary thinking in the service world? Revolutionary thinking reflects the willingness to look outside of the framework of the familiar and known strategies to leverage emerging technological capabilities to help our clients to create a memorable service experience for their customers. Or as Long View Ontario’s Sales Director Ivan Brinjak so aptly put it, we are taking a “purposeful approach to digital transformation” through supporting the core areas of “hybrid IT, end-user experience, and security.”

To get to this point of revolutionary service excellence, we hired the brightest and most experienced professionals with proven track records of success in these key sectors.

Once again, it all comes down to people and creating what Hyken called the right service philosophy that will be “embraced by every member of an organization, from the CEO to the most recently hired.”

Is your organization digital ready from the standpoint of delivering amazing levels of service to your end customers?

At the ActivateDigital2018 conference in Guelph on the 27th of February Long View Ontario will be joined by leading Canadian high tech executives such as Microsoft’s new President Kevin Peesker, and Cisco’s President Rola Dagher to talk about becoming digital ready.

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