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State-of-the-art Vancouver office redesign reflects Long View’s personality

VANCOUVER — It’s not a law office, and it’s not an advertising agency. It’s not tie-and-suspenders, and it’s not distressed jeans. It’s collaborative, it’s professional, and it’s distinctively Long View.

In recent years, Long View’s ( Vancouver office has been growing by leaps and bounds. After acquiring new office space in the spring of 2012, Long View executives saw an opportunity for a complete floor-to-ceiling redesign in Vancouver and reimagining of how all of our branches should look. By harmonizing the project with Long View’s recent brand transformation, company professionals were able to carry out a thorough makeover that perfectly reflects Long View’s corporate personality.

The result — aggressively achieved in just 75 days — is the flagship office for one of North America’s foremost providers of IT consulting, Cloud services, and outsourcing solutions.

“This was an exercise that allowed us to identify with who we are as an organization. We wanted the space to be very functional and interactive, but definitely not flamboyant — because that’s not who we are,” says Glen Checkley, Long View’s Manager of Corporate Services for facilities and real estate.

“Long View is on the cutting edge of technology. We wanted to showcase this as well as our culture of teamwork and innovation.”

The new office design lives up to these goals. For instance, 80 per cent of the walls in the space — which totals about 10,800 square feet — are covered with IdeaPaint, a whiteboard surface that encourages collaboration and supports the ‘brainstorm on the fly’ culture of the Vancouver staff..

Walls are adorned with images of Long View staff and reminders of the company’s core pillars. Glass walls, which provide semi-privacy, are etched with the corporate logo as well as Vancouver-specific motifs, including silhouettes of Canada Place, Sakura trees, and Vancouver Convention & Exhibition Centre.

The office is equipped with state-of-the-art communications devices, such as Microsoft Roundtable, Cisco TelePresence, and a hands-on multi-vendor Technology Experience Center that showcases the very latest in industry-leading solutions for Long View customers and staff.

Jacky Leung, Long View’s Creative Advisor, led the project from an aesthetic point of view. A graphic designer turned interior designer, he worked with experts from Vancouver’s Aura Interiors, a home staging and space redesign firm, to provide all the appropriate touches that communicate the Long View identity. “Our Vancouver office redesign was the perfect opportunity to showcase who we are. We carried out everything according to our brand, and our culture,” he says.

The heart of Long View’s culture is captured in the company’s updated brand message: Our People are the Heart of IT. That’s abundantly clear in the Vancouver office redesign.

“We don’t just talk about this message. We live it,” says Leung. “Long View has achieved tremendous success and growth because of the difference our people make every day. We felt it critical to use real Long View people throughout the office design, rather than using stock photography or actors.”

The Vancouver office is a flagship — and a template for a growing company. With nearly 1,000 employees, Long View currently has eight offices across Western North America in Calgary, Dallas, Denver, Edmonton, Houston, Phoenix, Vancouver, and Victoria. Future expansion, relocation, or creation of Long View regional offices will include a mandatory makeover a la Vancouver — company branding with room for local flair and personality.

“The new Vancouver office space gives us a sense of pride. Every single area is interactive, and that was a critical aspect for Long View and for the Vancouver branch,” says Checkley.

“When a visitor walks into reception, they’ll look to the left and see our Technology Experience Center, which shows our commitment to being on the cutting edge of technology. Behind them, they’ll see awards that tell them we’re pretty good at what we do,” says Checkley.

“And when they look straight ahead, they’ll see the most important part — pictures of our people on our People Wall. That speaks to what Long View is all about.”

More high-quality photos of Long View’s redesigned Vancouver office can be viewed at our Facebook Album. A video tour of the redesigned Vancouver office is available here.

ABOUT LONG VIEW SYSTEMS: Long View is one of the most powerful IT solutions and services companies in North America. With a clear focus on combining business and technology in key areas such as Cloud, data center infrastructure, user support, and IT outsourcing, Long View is able to customize and define what the future of IT looks like. Innovative, flexible, cost-effective, and business focused . . . that’s Long View.

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Long View

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