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Secure Your Remote Workforce

A powerful & secure remote solution in a single bundle.

Whether connected physically or virtually, we are entering a new era where it is essential that employees can communicate and collaborate conveniently from anywhere, from any device efficiently and securely.

The Long View Secure Remote Workforce Bundle combines Long View User Shield, Cisco Umbrella, and Cisco AnyConnect to ensure your users are safe no matter what network they are connected to.


To support your business in response to COVID-19, Long View is waiving the onboarding fee for User Shield,
and no obligation usage for Cisco Umbrella & AnyConnect for 90 days.


#1 - LONG VIEW USER SHIELD – Secure Microsoft O365

Onboarding fee waived*

As the first in the industry to leverage Microsoft Sentinel to secure Office 365, User Shield is a powerful combination of Microsoft Sentinel, Long View’s powerful ruleset and automation (proven and tested in the field), and our highly skilled 24×7 Security Operations Center specially designed to monitor and protect Office 365, Azure, Defender, and Cloud App Security.

*Onboarding fee is waived based on a 12 month subscription



Try it free for 90 days

Leverage the world’s largest and most important non-government cyber-security intelligence organization to ensure safe browsing and email URLs with Cisco Umbrella’s safe DNS to protect your employees even when they are not using your VPN. Cisco’s Umbrella service ensures those URLs embedded in email, websites, and their downloads are safe and one giant step to seamless protection against malware from email and the web.



Try it free for 90 days

AnyConnect simplifies secure endpoint access and provides the security necessary to help keep your organization safe and protected. Give any user highly secure VPN access to the business network, from any device (company laptops or personal mobile devices), at any time, in any location.

5 easy steps TO SECURE:

  1. Contact Long View and ask about the “Remote & Secure Workforce bundle”.
  2. Answer a few simple questions to quickly and easily get the answer you need including pricing and availability.
  3. Sign-up.
  4. An Onboarding expert will guide you through enabling these services in a few easy steps.
  5. It’s as simple as that!


User Shield By Long View Pricing:
$10 / User / Month

  • Microsoft O365-E3 and
  • Azure-AD P1
  • Minimum $2,000/month
  • Discounts >500 employees

Cisco Umbrella Pricing:
$2.75 / User / Month

  • None

Cisco Anyconnect Pricing:
$0.25 / User / Month

  • Cisco Firewall for VPN Termination


One Easy Bundle Price:

$13 / User / Month

Sound like we can help?
Engage your local account manager or contact us today! [email protected]


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