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River Cree digitizes paper based form processing and approval process for their casino and hotel operations

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River Cree has partnered with Long View Systems to help digitize all paper based form processing and approval process for their casino and hotel operations. The new modern intake process and workflow approvals will replace their legacy paper based process of data captures and approvals. This digitization process has eliminated the need for collecting excel/word based forms and eliminated the manual submission of forms to different managers at various approval process stages streamlining and improving quality and efficiency.




Business Challenges:

  • Manual data capture via Excel/Word documents and processing of the required multi-level approvals for the following:
    • Payment Requisition
    • Leave Request
    • Slot Bank Cash Withdrawal Requisition
    • Personal Expense Claim
    • Payroll Corrections
  • Manual paper based approval process required the requestor to take the forms from manager to manager in person and obtain approvals in person.
  • Historical tracking of submitted applications and approvals was impossible.

Solutions Used:

  • Microsoft Power Apps/ MS Forms/ SharePoint out forms are being used as the new intake form process that will be enabled using low-code/no-code technologies.
  • SharePoint Lists are being used as the core storage layer for this new intake process and will be directly integrated with Power Apps/Power Automate/ MS Forms, requiring no additional entry of data.
  • Power Automate will be used to provide workflow capabilities, and to create a digital handoff of the tasks.

Customer Impact:

  • Fully digitized approach to the paper based form intake process for the above mentioned forms.
  • Improving the quality of data, and speed of delivery from request to completion.
  • Reducing in the labor hours consumed in entering, qualifying, and approving of the forms.
  • Smart PowerAutomate routing to direct the approvals to appropriate groups and relevant approval phases.
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