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Managing Data Across Time And Generations

Have you ever started a conversation thinking that it would go one way, but then goes in another direction?

During a recent interview, I was expecting the usual questions regarding Veeam’s data management services, and how with cloud-based computing, cost savings is no longer the single most important focus for companies and that agility and improved data management are key factors in the new digital age.

I fully expected that I would be talking about the fact that clients buy IT “by the drink” as opposed to embarking on overarching big bang initiatives which means that the risks associated with today’s initiatives have now moved from the client side to the vendor.

Again, and given that the understanding of these and other key factors that are reshaping our industry is the reason why Veeam clients rest comfortably in our relationship with them, you can understand my expectations.

However, an interesting thing happened on the way to telling the Veeam story; I realized how long I have been in this industry – the first 15 years with Hewlett-Packard, then 8 years with Data General Canada/EMC, and another 14 years at NetApp Canada, before joining Veeam in May of 2016. You never fully realize until someone asks you a few personal questions how long you have been doing something that you have enjoyed and with which you have had consistent success.

In the context of time, one would (and did) ask how I can maintain both my enthusiasm and relevance over such an extended period? It is a fair question but is not as difficult to answer as you might think. In fact, the answer is quite simple; challenge yourself outside of your comfort zone, always be open to change and willing to learn something new so that you can adapt, and finally realize that your journey takes time.

For me, the demonstration of my willingness to learn something new was the fact that early in my career I had changed jobs within the same company seven times. Not only did these changes require me to take on new and sometimes unfamiliar challenges, but it also meant moving my family to new and unfamiliar cities. The frequency of my career-driven relocations is also one of the reasons why I appreciate my family, especially my wife of 37 years.

So what have I learned in my almost four decades in the high tech industry that applies to this new and exciting period of digital transformation? We have to embrace change and more specifically digital disruption, and leverage both established and emerging technologies to realize its full potential. However, before we can embrace the promise, we have to gain practical insight into how to make digital technology work for us.

To help you to gain that insight I am inviting you to join the Veeam team and me at the ActivateDigital2018 conference in Guelph on the 27th of February.

With leading Canadian high-tech executives such as Microsoft’s new President Kevin Peesker, Cisco’s President Rola Dagher, HPE’s John Dathan, and Blackberry’s Margaret Stuart talking about Canada’s digital future, this is the perfect opportunity for you to get digital ready.


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