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Long View recognized as an industry leader in sustainability by Cisco

Our mission at Long View is that as many great people as possible to have happy, healthy lives and great careers by being a leading, lasting IT organization. ‘Lasting’ is  a key word here – it goes beyond the longevity of our day-to-day operations and extends to taking ownership of our impact on the world around us. We want future generations to live in a world where companies aren’t built around maximizing profits, but instead, they take a balanced view. They take the long view. This is why in recent years we have supported and led projects that promote sustainability in IT.

And our hard work is beginning to be recognized. This summer we were named a winner of Cisco’s 2022 Digital Sustainability Challenge in recognition of our work over the past year in partnership with Sensible Building Science. This partnership allowed us to offer clients innovative solutions to automate ventilation, heating, and cooling in commercial buildings to zones where occupants are located. This provides 5-10% in carbon reductions which, if scaled across the viable market of 5.5 million commercial buildings, would result in a carbon reduction of 3 to 6 million tonnes.

We are also the first partner to hold Cisco’s Environmental Sustainability Specialization for both Canada and the US. This is focused on building and promoting practices among customers around product takeback: responsible repurposing and recycling end-of-use products. The best part? Partners only have to reach out to Cisco to schedule the collection of their customer’s older hardware; no need for the solution provider to handle the refurbishing or recycling.

“This work ties directly into our commitment to being around for 100 more years. We strive to be a force for good in the world and are moving towards a brighter future for our people, our clients, and the world around us.” – Brent Allison, CEO of Long View.

We are grateful to our partners for recognizing the importance and influence that IT has on building  a more resilient and sustainable world, and look forward to continuing to support and promote sustainability in IT – for now and the coming 100 years.

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