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Long View invests in continued Toronto growth by acquiring Cloud Infrastructure capacity in a Q9 Data Centre

Toronto, ON – Calgary, AB (October 1, 2014) — Long View has long-term plans for Toronto, and here’s another piece of mission-critical proof.

Long View, one of North America’s most sophisticated providers of Hybrid IT solutions and services, opened its ninth North American office in Toronto in early 2013, and has spent the better part of two years building a solid foundation in Canada’s largest city.

In an important development, Long View ( recently acquired significant co-location capacity in a Greater Toronto area (GTA) data centre owned and operated by Q9 Networks, in order to provide high-availability, hosted and managed cloud for its customers. Q9 Networks is a Canadian leader in outsourced data centre services.

Long View’s dual Cloud infrastructure in both Calgary and Toronto Q9 data centres enables them to support customers with a geographic protection OnDemand option north of the border.

“We believe this says everything about our commitment to bringing our Hybrid IT model to central Canada,” says Long View VP Sales and Business Development, Dave Frederickson.

“Q9 has an unparalleled track record for data centre solutions, in support of business-critical computing operations,” adds Frederickson. “By establishing capacity for our customers in a Q9 data centre, we are reaffirming our commitment to being a major player in the Toronto market. This is only the beginning.”

Any compromise to data integrity, availability, or security can have serious implications on a company’s productivity, stakeholder confidence, and regulatory compliance – all of which impact the bottom line. Long View’s OnDemand Hybrid IT model offers customers efficient and scalable IT solutions, including reliable backup and recovery solutions – with Q9 Networks’ data centres widely acknowledged as the gold standard in reliability, performance and security.

Q9 data centres are specifically designed to support high-availability mission-critical computing environments. These facilities feature stringent security standards, geographic protection, redundant high-capacity cooling systems (for maximum reliability), and redundant onsite power generation to protect customer equipment at all times.

“We are pleased to provide Long View with the data centre capacity it needs to continue making its mark in the Toronto market,” says Q9 Senior Vice President of Sales, David Ralston.

“Long View has authored a tremendous success story as a North American managed service provider,” adds Ralston. “The security and reliability of our data centres are well known in the industry. By choosing Q9, Long View is sending a message to its present and future customers that their critical assets are well-protected.”

Long View’s unique Hybrid IT as a Service abilities include the following Cloud services:

OnDemand Infrastructure – Enterprise Grade, highly available infrastructure platform for hosting client Virtual Workloads (VM’s) in a secure multi-tenant environment.

OnDemand Storage – Enterprise Grade infrastructure platform for hosting client Virtual Storage appliances (vFiler/vServer) in a secure multi-tenant environment.

OnDemand Backup – Cloud backup, recovery and restore solution.

OnDemand Recovery – Volume level, point in time, replicated copy of Customer NetApp based data for long term retention, archiving, or service restoration in the event of source storage array failure.

OnDemand Messaging – Dedicated Microsoft Exchange environment running on Long View’s Secure Multi-tenant Cloud platform that fully integrates with clients Active Directory.

ABOUT LONG VIEW: Long View is one of the most powerful IT solutions and services companies in North America, with offices across the continent. With a clear focus on combining business and technology through our Hybrid IT solutions, including cloud, IT infrastructure, managed services, and end user support, Long View is able to define and customize what the future of IT looks like for our clients. Innovative, flexible, cost-effective, and business focused . . . that’s Long View.

For more regarding this news release:

Tannis Ebbels Director of Marketing and Communications

Long View Systems Phone: 403.387.3489 E-mail: [email protected]

Kevin Spikes Director, Marketing and Corporate Communications

Q9 Networks Phone: 416-848-3311
E-mail: [email protected]

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