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Krux Analytics turned to Long View for automated infrastructure tooling

To automate tooling and monitoring, Krux Analytics turned to Long View as a trusted advisor and partner

Organizations with high cloud maturity need more than a stable development environment; they need a dynamic strategy to elastically manage the creation, consumption, and decommissioning of cloud resources in alignment with the evolving needs of their business.

To support their leading-edge approach to customized drilling analytics software, Krux Analytics turned to Long View to provide infrastructure-as-code support for their in-house developers.

The first step to enabling the creation and management of an as-code environment was implementing key tools such as Azure DevOps pipelines and workflows, repositories, and Docker containerization in a holistic solution.

Employing declarative languages such as Terraform, as well as Visual Studio code, to test builds, monitor for configuration drift, and manage versioning was the next step in enabling the creation of a DevOps “infinity loop” process.

With improved capabilities to monitor and maintain code, pipelines, and workflows, Long View was able to provide Krux’s development team with a modernized and consistent development environment to expedite the delivery of drilling analytics software for the mining sector.




Business Challenges

  • Insufficient in-house capacity to administer infrastructure-as-code solutions within Azure DevOps
  • Business requirements to provide a secure, consistent, and reliable development environment
  • Challenges around allocation of administrative effort, consistency, and change management


  • Reviewed existing architecture of the Azure PaaS environment
  • Coordinated with customer to assess how infrastructure-as-code could best assist them
  • Created Terraform open-source language connections to Krux’s Azure subscription
  • Created modules and live configurations to handle Azure networking and App Services across multiple subscriptions
  • Implemented an improved methodology for the security, development, testing, maintenance, review, and documentation of code using Azure Service Principles, Key Vaults, and Secret storage

Solutions Used

  • Created new Azure DevOps pipelines, workflows, and repositories
  • Developed code modules for Azure networking, Azure Application Gateway, and Azure App Services
  • Leveraged open-source Terraform language with static code analysis and automated testing

Customer Impact

  • Established a solid foundation to enhance speed of application development and delivery to clients
  • Enhanced the security of the development environment through improved process controls
  • Existing applications reconfigured in Azure with appropriate development, staging, and production environments


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