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Industry leading workforce solution provider teams up with Long View to modernize their data estate


Industry leading workforce solution provider teams up with Long View Systems to modernize their data estate, taking the company from market leader to market disrupter and eventual transformer


As the leading workforce solutions provider for the trucking industry, this U.S. based company understands the power of harnessing data for meaningful insights to unlock customer value and deliver optimal savings.

As a result, they are always looking for ways to transform their utilization of data beyond the basic reporting and dashboarding capabilities to a more data driven, decision making process across the organization.

To better leverage their vast data assets quickly, reliably, and securely the company partnered with the experts from Long View’s Data Modernization practice to modernize their data ecosystem and augment their data sharing capability.

Based on their extensive expertise in helping clients derive value from their data assets - faster and reliably - in near real-time, Long View did a controlled rollout of a modern data ecosystem powered by Microsoft's industry-leading cloud platform, Azure.

A key element of the ecosystem was creating a dynamic data pipeline that provided the necessary end-to-end velocity to reduce latency and eliminate errors. The process converted raw data from the company's various sources into an understandable and accessible format without the client's need to write a single line of code.

Long View also introduced an updated data governance model to ensure data capture and utilization continuity on a go forward basis.
Although in the early stages of the initial transformation, plans to optimize its data structure to maximize its value are already in place. The client is also in the early stages of looking at predictive analytics to take its data utilization capability to the next level.
In the meantime, the immediate benefits of their partnership with Long View has positioned the company to realize an increase in revenue, improve operating ratios, and streamline communications.

The client believes that modernizing their data ecosystem is a real game changer. They also believe that it will take them from market leader to market disrupter and eventual transformer.




Business Challenges

  • A pressing need to modernize the client’s technical architecture and infrastructure.
  • Improve user experience through the simplified access, understanding and consumption of data.
  • Increase the ease of visualization and access to insights.
  • Risk mitigation and a reduction in insurance premiums through providing the "right data at the right time for the right people."
  • Increase data refresh granularity.
  • Establish persona-based reporting supporting both mobile and desktop capability securely.
  • Address data structure issues to optimize its value and improve consolidation to provide a single pane view of actionable knowledge.


  • Based on Long View's expertise in leveraging their decades long partnership with Microsoft to deliver tangible business outcomes for their clients, the company moved to a production environment within a control framework that created dynamic metadata-driven pipelines.
  • Created a governance model to ensure continuity of data capture and utilization.

Solutions Used

  • Implement a modern Azure data ecosystem.
  • Utilize Azure Data Lake to support the client’s vast volumes of data to extend into advanced analytics and reporting.
  • Power BI to do all of their visualizations and structuring of data elements for consumption
  • SharePoint deployment repository per client customer to provide secure privilege access to information.
  • Decouple the client’s operating system from their analytics ecosystem while running them parallel to reduce complexity and ensure optimal uptime for each.
  • Leverage Long View's managed services solution offering to free the client's team to focus on core capabilities.

Customer Impact

  • Provided the client with a high degree of self-reliance within a comprehensive solution scalability framework.
  • Established a clear and certain path to translate and utilize data to transform their service capability.
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