Data Modernization

Empower your business through data modernization.

Unleash the transformational power of your data.

Developed by Long View and powered by Microsoft, our Modern Data Platform (MDP) delivers unprecedented insights into the critical trends shaping your business world.

At a Glance:

  • Business Value:
    • Build an initial enterprise data strategy.
    • Identify opportunities for leveraging data as an asset.
    • Establish a single destination for high-quality, secure, and trusted data.
    • Meet regulatory compliance requirements.
    • Create a unified Data Catalog for business teams to power their transformations.
    • Identify the potential to unlock actionable insights through advanced analytics.
    • Budget for the next fiscal year.
    • Only pay for what you use to gain cost efficiency and predictability.
  • Technical Value:
    • Develop a robust, scalable, cost-effective Modern Data Platform foundation.
    • Select a tool and develop a plan for data migration where needed.
    • Form and staff a governance strategy and team.
    • Automate your data pipelines.
    • Outline a strategy for responsibly democratizing data.
    • Embed governance practices for data management, data quality, data security, data access, compliance, and governance process automation.
How our Data Modernization solution works for you:
  • Establishes a functionally sound data governance team.
  • Collects, cleanses and correlates data from diverse sources to extract actionable insights, while ensuring your information is secure at all times.
  • Helps you to build consensus regarding the best path to prioritize and execute workloads across your data estate.


  1. 3-Day Workshop

    During the 3-day workshop, we take you through the process of understanding the structure of a Modern Data Platform and the key components that facilitate its operational elements and effectiveness, through to the development of a framework for an executable Pilot Program within your enterprise.

    Through the 3-Day workshop, we will achieve the following business outcomes:

    • MDP Vision
    • MDP Initial Findings and Recommendations
    • MDP Roadmap
    • MDP Executive Summary
  2. Pilot in 30 Days

    Working with your key stakeholders, we help to build consensus regarding the prioritization and execution of workloads across your data estate leveraging an efficient and optimized Modern Data Platform.


    • Enterprise Data Strategy (high-level)
    • Architectural Findings and Recommendations
    • 3-Year Roadmap and Consumption Cost Estimates
    • MDP Pilot
    • Identified workloads release schedule and cost estimates
    • MDP Executive Summary

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