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Hyper-convergence In The Digital Age

CIO’s need to deliver enabling capabilities that drive value and bottom-line outcomes.

If I were, to sum up, what digital transformation means and why it is important this single statement tells the story.

In a world where most vendors focus on technology and talk about whose memory and hard drives are bigger, Nutanix focuses on our clients achieving what I call a “cohesiveness” in diverse platform management.

What this means is that attaining a high level of adaptable hyper-convergence in a multi-cloud, multi-architecture environment enables IT departments to deal with the inevitable changes in workload requirements quickly and for the most part seamlessly through a single point control management system.

Of course, customers today are more sophisticated and have greater access to knowledge, meaning that they understand the diverse and sometimes fluid nature of the architectures through which data flows both within and outside of the enterprise, and how being able to manage it to drive competitive advantage and bottom-line results are the key to success.

This understanding is perhaps one of the main reasons why we continue to onboard a record number of logos each quarter, with significant growth in our footprint with large enterprise accounts. It also speaks to the importance of Nutanix’s vendor alliances with organizations such as Dell EMC, Lenovo, and IBM, who have played and will continue to play an instrumental role in our Canadian success story.

In the end, helping our clients to manage their diverse infrastructures to maximum efficiency is what we do best.

The Nutanix team will be at Long View’s ACTIVATEDIGITAL 2018 Conference on February 27th in Guelph where we will have the opportunity to share with you in greater detail how you can harness the power of hyper-convergence in the digital age.

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