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Creating a Better Future - Corporate Social Responsibility at Long View

At Long View, we are committed to fostering a sustainable future for our planet. It’s important to do business the right way, following ethical practices, having a sense of social responsibility, and using sustainable practices. Creating a sustainable future should not only positively impact the planet, but will allow us to maintain the high product standard and long-term value for clients, partners, and the community that we are so proud of. Our sustainability mission is to reduce our environmental impact and promote social responsibility through our business practices, products, and services.

Part of being a lasting organization is making sure that our business practices are lasting as well. We want Long View to be around for the next 100 years, so we are planning for the future. We don’t want haphazard plans, we have to make sure that we are having a strategic, positive impact that makes a difference. Our commitment to sustainability is ongoing, evolving, and enduring, much like our business. 

Our Current Sustainability Plan

We feel good about what we are doing from a sustainability perspective, and we intend to continue fostering and growing these programs. We’re using both Lenovo and Cisco’s recycling programs to ensure that we are effectively and safely disposing of electronic waste. Electronics like laptops that are no longer needed are donated to the Ssubi Foundation with the goal of building a computer lab, a laptop reuse program, and new financial options for schools in Uganda.  

Another novel sustainability initiative is promoting hybrid work options, which are becoming more viable as communication and collaboration technologies improve. Hybrid work has the potential to reduce emissions through reduced commuting, and lower office energy consumption. Corporate travel can similarly be reduced; when we do need to travel, we choose sustainable accommodations and energy-efficient transportation. 

New in-building recycling programs make it easy for employees to reduce their footprint, too. By extending Re-Use/Recycle programs to our clients via our strategic partners, green waste disposal becomes a community effort.

Finally, we seek to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the use of Long View Sustainably and Intelligent Buildings solutions. It’s our hope that new technologies can help make being green easier. 

Our Sustainability Goals

  1. As part of Long View’s Hybrid Work initiative our objective is to reduce relative transportation carbon impact by 20% by 2025 from 2019 levels.
  2. ReUse/Recycle 80% of our discarded IT Assets by 2025.
  3. Reduce Office waste by 20% by 2026.
    • Reduce single use products in office locations with more responsible solutions (I.E. cans, coffee pods)
    • Install food composting stations in each office location.
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