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Apprentice Program Case Study


Resource scarcity is an ongoing challenge in our industry. In the wake of the Great Resignation, many of our clients are facing skill-set and resource shortages in key technology areas.

At Long View, our focus is on people – for our clients, this means using technology to enable teams and empower modern workers. Internally, this means providing a sense of belonging, opportunities to grow and to be a part of changing the world through technology.

We put our heads together to come up with a win-win-win solution that would help clients address talent scarcity while also developing our people and driving our business forward.


  • We devised a plan to help our clients fulfill project and managed services needs in a cost-effective way that addressed their resource challenges
  • Through the program, our clients were able to secure a inexperienced yet highly trained Long View staff resource (an “apprentice”) at a reduced rate to support the delivery of their tech projects AND Long View backstops these junior resources with their Sr folks (so the Jr's always have someone to call and a team to rely on if they need help or advice)


  • Our clients, including a leading financial services institution in Alberta and an international equipment dealership, were able to continue work on key priority projects despite the talent gap
  • Our apprentices are given invaluable opportunities for hands-on experience in a client environment
  • In the face of sparse human resources in tech, our business continued to grow while we supported our clients through technology and organizational challenges


  • WIN for our clients: they are able continue work on key priority projects despite the talent gap thought a competitive hourly rate knowing that the apprentice has a Senior resource to rely on if they need help or advice.
  • WIN for apprentice is they are able to amass real world experience.
  • WIN for Long View is these resources mature and develop and eventually become part of our delivery teams

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