Cisco Intercloud Partner

I’m just amazed at how quickly the pace of innovation is exponentially accelerating.  Not long ago we were in a world with what we thought was incredible technology.  The rate of introduction of new products came at a good pace, usually every 6 months or so we would see something that was pretty cool and innovative.  Fast forward to today. I see things that make me shake my head in amazement on a weekly basis and in a good way.

June 7-11 is Cisco Live, and Long View couldn’t be more excited. One of the few vendor events that is focused on the training and education on the products and services, as well as a wonderful way to learn what’s new and innovative, surrounded by the best of the best in the industry.  We are most excited to be the first Canadian partner to integrate Cisco Intercloud Fabric into our portfolio, not only because of the technological advances that are coming with it and the knowledge and expertise that will be gained by our staff, but to also be able to provide these new capabilities to our customers as part of our Hybrid Cloud strategy. Read Cisco’s press release for more details on all 10 Intercloud partners announced.

As the first Cisco Certified Hybrid IT partner in the world, it’s in our DNA.  The ability to blend a multitude of services and solutions for our clients, without being stuck in the monolithic thinking of lock-in or debating the benefits and drawbacks of internal or external services or products.  With Cisco Intercloud Fabric, we find a strategic link that resonates with us as an organization, to be able to see innovation still driving towards increased workload mobility, and making solutions that are geared towards making business easier and more flexible, as opposed to more restrictive and limiting. Decide the best option for your workload today and if requirements change, with Cisco Intercloud Fabric you can move it to make sure you have the optimal solution for your workload.

These are the days of the new cloud.  An ecosystem where systems, services and workloads can run where they work best.  The removal of geographic or vendor limitations, essentially enabling a global reach for all businesses, whether they are multinationals, or owner operated.  The framework that is being laid today, will allow us to utilize resources that are the most cost effective. Will bring us closer to our customers. Closer to each other.  With this framework and a Hybrid Cloud strategies the possibilities are endless, and the innovation is just starting here.

With enhanced visibility, and consistent security policies, we will be able to manage and operate clouds within clouds, systems within systems, and deliver in a way that wasn’t possible a few years ago. The cross cloud visibility possible today, brings a much needed cohesive solution to the market.

Gone are the days where workload mobility required a full complement of development staff, or limited you to a single provider.  This is a new beginning, a new route, if you pardon the pun, to deliver a transformative ecosystem of interaction and interoperability, and I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to be a part of this, and to share this with our customers and enable them on the road forward.

Some may have felt that the cloud was as good as it got, I’m here to announce that thanks to Cisco, Cisco Intercloud fabric takes the cloud to the next level, and I couldn’t more proud to be with Long View on their journey to delivering the Hybrid Cloud, and working to bring the capabilities of Cisco Intercloud Fabric to our customers.