Artificial Intelligence

This is human intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is an umbrella term that describes technologies designed to perform tasks typically done by humans. This includes everything from creative writing, to architectural design, to cybersecurity, and beyond. But AI is not independent of us; it is fundamentally shaped by human ingenuity and values. The feedback loop between people and AI is what improves and refines it.

AI will transform the way we work. Greater automation, increased productivity, simpler processes and efficient data analysis mean less ‘busy work’, allowing us to focus on important tasks like making key business decisions, innovating, and propelling our teams and businesses forward.

At Long View, we’re deep into the work to understand how we can harness the power of AI to fuel our clients’ teams and their competitive advantage. Taking the long view means addressing AI head-on. It’s here, and it will become as central to our everyday lives as email and smartphones.

It’s a whole new world, and we’re navigating it with our clients and partners. If AI is on your mind (and it should be) let’s connect about how we can embrace it together, and drive your team forward.

Our AI Leadership

Angad Soni

Chief Architect, Data, AI, & Dynamics

I lead the Data, AI, and Dynamics 365 practices, as well as drive the AI initiative for the organization. I have a passion for solving complex problems with cutting-edge technology, and helping customers leverage data, process, and intelligence to create value and transform their businesses. With a background in Data, Analytics, Insights, Visualizations, and Software Engineering, I have the skills and experience to design and implement intelligent and modern solutions using a variety of platforms and tools. I hold certifications in Power Platform, Azure Architecture, and Dynamics 365 Fastrack, and I enjoy diving deep into technical challenges and finding innovative ways to overcome them..

Jeff Young

Director, Client Success

I help build, deploy, and adopt technology to solve business problems and accelerate growth. Over the past fifteen years, I have helped hundreds of organizations to solve business challenges that prevent them from achieving sustainability and scalability.

Nicolas Pappas

Director - Data, AI & Custom Solutions

Nicolas is a highly technical cloud computing architect, specifically in the data platform area, and leading a world-class team of Engineers, Architects, Consultants, Interns, and Contractors. Specializing in massive parallel processing systems to deliver data warehouses in the cloud, near-real time process, machine learning and cognitive data services. With over a decade of data solutions Nicolas has a variety across many verticals in industries such as telecom, insurance, finance and retail.

Our AI Capabilities

AI is not new to us; we have been working with it for years and have created a deep talent pool of architects.

We offer our clients end-to-end solutions, from developing the strategy and use cases to defining IT architecture and training, prompting, and fine-tuning underlying Large Language Models (LLMs). We also help with the organizational change, risk management, and skills building needed to sustain the value that can be created from generative AI.

Adoption & Enablement

Harness the power of cutting-edge automation to streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and unlock new potential for your business.
AI Enabled Cloud & Infrastructure

Harness the power of AI-driven cloud technology to quickly optimize your infrastructure, driving faster innovation and competitive edge.
AI Powered Managed Services

Experience the efficiency of AI in streamlining operations, enhancing service delivery, and driving innovation.
AI Strategy & Readiness

Develop a comprehensive AI strategy tailored to your needs, leaving your business fully prepared for the evolving AI landscape.
Data & Analytics Modernization & Insights

Revitalize your approach to data to provide strategic decisions and create a culture of informed, agile business practices.
Intelligent Automation & Workflow

Seamlessly embed smart automation into your workflows to enhance productivity and streamline your processes.
Intelligent Business Applications

Leverage Dynamics 365 enhanced with AI to automate processes, improve operations, and enable informed decision-making.
Secure Guidance & Data Loss Prevention

Protect your business with our comprehensive
data loss prevention strategies that ensure
the security of your information at every turn.
Sustainable AI

Commit to a greener future with our AI solutions designed for long-term sustainability, responsible, and ethical technological advancement.

AI is here. Is your business ready?

Ask Angad how you can get started today.

Angad Soni
Chief Architect, Data, AI, & Dynamics

We’re ready when you are.

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