Best Practices

Service Management Office (SMO)

The Service Management Office (SMO) is a relatively new concept which is directly analogous to the Project Management Office (PMO). Like the PMO, the SMO provides a centre of excellence within the Long View organization to drive efficiency and effectiveness however where the PMO focuses on projects, the SMO is instead concerned with the delivery of services. As such, the SMO’s main purpose is to act as the centralized point of responsibility for IT Governance and Service Management within Long View.


Both COBIT 5 and ITIL are used as the primary framework and best practices for Long View’s services model.

COBIT 5 is the latest edition of ISACA’s globally accepted framework, providing an end-to-end business view of the governance of enterprise IT that reflects the central role of information and technology in creating value for enterprises. The principles, practices, analytical tools and models found in COBIT 5 embody thought leadership and guidance from business, IT and governance experts around the world.


Long View embraces ITIL as a standard of best practices for IT. We provide training for our staff as well as our clients on both the foundational understanding as well as the advanced areas of expertise.

We believe organizations can appreciate measurable growth in each area of the ITIL processes and at Long View we have developed a maturity modeling assessment and roadmap to guide our clients.

Cloud Security Alliance Cloud Controls Matrix (CSA CCM)

CSA CCM is an emerging security controls framework which we have applied to our cloud services.

The Cloud Security Alliance Cloud Controls Matrix (CCM) is specifically designed to provide fundamental security principles to guide cloud vendors and to assist prospective cloud customers in assessing the overall security risk of a cloud provider. The CSA CCM provides a controls framework that gives detailed understanding of security concepts and principles that are aligned to the Cloud Security Alliance guidance in 13 domains.

Long View provides business continuity and disaster recovery planning services based on industry best practices and more specifically, in adherence to the guidelines and best practices from the Disaster Recovery Institute International (DRII), the Business Continuity Institute (BCI) and the Business Continuity Industry Generally Accepted Practices (GAP) – developed jointly by ARMA, DRII, FSTC and NFPA with the participation of members from the public and private sectors. Long View also adheres to NIST and ISO 22301 standards.

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)

This is an internationally accepted auditing standard that provides assurance that client credit card data located within the service provider environment is processed and stored safely and securely.

Due to the stringent security controls and the perceived difficulty to achieve this designation, holding PCI DSS certification demonstrates to our customers that their sensitive and proprietary data (not only credit card in nature) is safe and secure within the Long View service model.


Long View has applied and utilizes the following ISO standards:

  • ISO 27001 – Standard for information security management systems
  • ISO 20000 – Standard for IT service management
  • ISO 9001 – Standard for Quality management systems
  • ISO 22301 – Standard for Business Continuity Management Systems
  • ISO 38500 – Standard for Corporate Governance of IT

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