Customer Case Study: Energy Client and Long View - Azure Migration





Client is a North America based company in the petrochemical trading and distribution industry. Client has 400 employees around the world and is a global expert in connecting petrochemical buyers and suppliers worldwide. Client engaged with Long View Systems to enhance their IT infrastructure and address critical challenges related to company growth and acquisitions.

Challenges Faced

The client outlined the following as goals for their Azure services

The client wanted to modernize their IT infrastructure and address critical challenges related to the company’s growth their mergers and acquisitions. Their primary goal for utilizing Azure services were to adopt a zero-trust network architecture, implement a robust disaster recovery plan, and develop a comprehensive data strategy.


Long View utilized the Azure Migration program to properly implement a successful migration to Azure. The steps included 1. Assessment 2. Planning and Design 3. Deployment and Test and 4. Migration and cutover

The client migrated 29 virtual machines, 3 SQL databases, and 15 Terabytes of data to Azure. The entire project from scoping to cutover took 4 months and reduce the client’s infrastructure spend from $40,000 per month to $20,000 per month.