CollabNow Modern Endpoint Management

The foundation of modern workplace transformation.

The devices employees need with less cost for IT

Give employees the versatility they need to work wherever they may be with devices you can rely on to be efficient, secure, and easily manageable.

TEST DRIVE our CollabNow Modern Endpoint Management for three weeks - Experience the technology, not the management.

TEST DRIVE - CollabNow Modern Endpoint Management

At a Glance:

  • You’re already invested in your current infrastructure, however, legacy IT processes and aging hardware continue to be the biggest blockers to transitioning to modern management.
  • Your on-premises environment has become more complex than ever, especially as you extend that environment to the cloud.
  • Your business cannot keep up with continuous external threats
  • Employees now expect access to productivity and collaboration tools anytime and anywhere.

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Inspire your employees to do great things and enable them to work naturally with premium devices

Microsoft Surface is the standard when you expect seamlessly connected hardware, software, apps, and services all working together. You want your employees to feel just as special as when they open the box for a phone or tablet they bought for personal use.

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What is CollabNow Modern Endpoint Management:

A modern desktop that's productive, secure, with the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO).

Quickly get new devices up-and-running with minimal interaction from your IT support. Setup is automatic and self-serviced. Updates are quick and painless for both your team and your users. You can also easily manage devices from the cloud-based services, wherever the devices are physically located.

A modern Surface includes M365, the operating system designed for a modern desktop; Office 365, the latest and most secure suite of productivity apps and services; and Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS), the simplest solution for managing devices and keeping them up to date.

CollabNow Modern Endpoint Management

Zero Touch Deployment

Eliminate time-consuming re-imaging by shipping and deploying straight to employees. Microsoft Surface is built for the Windows Autopilot experience.

Manage Remotely from Anywhere

Manage devices down to the firmware layer through the cloud for an extra level of control when needed. Example: disable webcams in high security settings.

Accelerate Deployment

Accelerate your Microsoft Surface deployment with Windows 10 and Microsoft 365 apps, managed with Enterprise Mobility + Security on Surface.

CollabNow Modern Endpoint Management

Experience the technology, not the management.


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Employees unbox, authenticate and start working.

Manage multiple devices and quickly get new devices up-and-running with minimal interaction from your IT Support.

TEST DRIVE - CollabNow Modern Endpoint Management