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Uncomplicated, Controllable, and Cost-Effective: Getting Beyond The "Too" of the Zero Trust Model

“Trust is a vulnerability when it comes to data security.”

How are these two, yet seemingly separate 2010 insights connected?

Simply put, your data – which was never completely secure when the castle-and-moat concept was the basis for IT network security, is even more vulnerable today.

The reason; beyond your data being "spread out" over multiple cloud configurations, the access through a growing number of personal devices resulting from remote working means that the greatest potential threat to your business is as likely to come from within as it is an unknown external third-party.

Why Zero Trust

The Zero Trust concept is simple; no one is "trusted by default." In other words, a breach can occur as easily with an employee or trusted partner as it can with an unknown malicious outsider.

“56 percent of organizations have had a breach that was caused by one of their vendors. Meanwhile, the average number of third parties with access to sensitive information at each organization has increased from 378 to 471.” – Ponemon Institute

However, and despite the recognition of the need for a better way to secure your organization's data, there has been a persisting belief that the Zero Trust approach is “too complicated, too time-consuming, too costly” to implement.

Getting Beyond The “Too”

To understand what the Zero Trust approach from Long View Systems and Citrix is, it is important to understand what it is not.

Zero Trust is not a specific point solution in which there is a massive, overall replacement of your existing VPN technology.

Nor is it an overarching exercise that requires you to overhaul your entire network security strategy in one shot.

Instead, it is a strategic redrawing of your remote access strategy focusing on an incremental response to elevated points of risk both within and external to your infrastructure.

“Enterprises on average use up to 1000 cloud apps but their CIOs think it’s just 30 or 40 apps. – Symantec CloudSOC

For example, and through what we call a “phased migration” strategy, you initially move SaaS and web apps to a Zero Trust environment. However, that is just one possible approach.

The point is, that with Long View and Citrix, we provide an Uncomplicated, Controllable, and Cost-Effective approach to securing your data now, and always.

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