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Why It’s Time to Invest in a Server

Servers used to be a one size fits all entity – and that size exclusively catered to big business. Smaller companies would either run files on an old, unreliable PC or worse, not back up at all. Today, servers are catered to work within your business needs and budget – whether you have 3 employees or 3000. They allow for growth while giving you the security you need in a constantly evolving technological landscape.

Unfortunately many companies still do not use servers which can be a costly mistake. 90% of businesses have experienced unexpected costly downtime,* yet 3 out of 4 organizations are at risk of failing to recover from a disaster or outage.**

Your business is your life line, so why leave it at risk?

Long View understands that undertaking the purchase of a server is a big decision for a growing business and we know there’s a lot of concern about where to start.

We’ve listened. These are the challenges most small to medium sized businesses face when it comes to investing in a server:

We don’t have enough employees.

No matter what size your company is, a server is essential to help your employees collect and share data – even on the road. Fortunately, there are now options that work with your space restrictions, employee size, and budget.

Long View recommends: HP ProLiant MicroServer. A sleek, wireless solution perfect for front office operations of less than 10 employees. This server easily coordinates day-to-day activities without needing an overloaded IT staff. Find out more here.

We don’t have enough room.

Traditionally, when envisioning a secure computer system we think of an entire room with racks of expensive servers – not a realistic goal for most small and medium size businesses. Today, there are options that fit in any space with added scalability.

Long View recommends: HPE ProLiant Tower ML Servers. These standalone units are small in size yet big in performance. This is a perfect starter solution for the business that’s looking for simplicity with room for growth. Find out more here.

Our dedicated server room is filling up.

Fear not. A rack server caters to small business while providing enterprise – class performance all in a space saving rack size.

Long View recommends: HPE ProLiant DL Rack Servers. These SMB rack servers gives you a cost-effective compact rack solution while promising high velocity performance and reliability. Find out more here.

We’re growing fast and have remote branch offices.

With the rise of the cloud along with remote offices, finding the right server is challenging. Your business can now depend on a solution formulated to anticipate growth while allowing you to easily expand and reduce the long term cost of ownership.

Long View recommends: HPE ProLiant Easy Connect. These servers are ideal for remote locations, providing you trusted security with competitive performance. Find out more here.

Having security and performance at your fingertips is a necessity for any growing business, and a solution from the HPE server family can help you achieve your goals. We’d like to help you get there. Reach out to Long View to discuss these models in greater detail.

* Source: Adweek

** Source: Disaster Recovery Preparedness Council survey

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