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How Technology has Simplified Business

The future of business is here and that means complacency is no longer an option. Living in a “comfort zone” when it comes to running operations can mean falling behind the competition; today’s environment demands flexibility to change to constantly evolving technology.

Advancements – whether it be phones, online security, applications, cloud or big data – have made us faster, more informed and have empowered us to excel beyond what we thought possible. We work remotely across multiple platforms and devices with virtually no need for paper. Stay competitive in today’s market by harnessing the power of enterprise level IT solutions, with the cost and functionality designed for small to medium sized businesses.

Is your company keeping up?

Long View found four technological elements that have the biggest influence in the business world:


In a competitive landscape, it’s imperative to be connected and reach your customers anywhere, anytime, on their terms. Your employees need the assurance that any device they use will be compatible across multiple platforms. Thanks to the latest mobile technology, we can do just that: 67% of small and mid-size businesses now view mobile solutions and services as critical to their business.*


The biggest crimes today are committed through that screen you’re looking at right now – your computer. 90% of Fortune 500 companies have been hacked at some point in time* and smaller entities are not immune to security breaches. Luckily with innovations like HPE’s server and storage solutions for small and mid-size businesses (you can check some of them out here), you can ensure your important information is safe out of the hands of cyber criminals.

The Cloud

Accessing files from anywhere is now the norm; you no longer have to “go dark” when travelling for business. Information can be accessed and edited from anywhere, keeping your team organized and in sync. It’s now an affordable trend that’s easy to get on board with too: 61% of midsize businesses and 37% of small businesses already subscribe to cloud based back up and disaster recovery.**

Big Data

Companies are capturing data on your customers all thanks to business analytics. Intelligence available to you in-the-moment is crucial to running a business these days – your clients expect you to know what they want without asking and if you don’t have the information, you can bet your competitors do.

No matter how you slice it, businesses run seamlessly when implementing a solid performance plan. If your company isn’t utilizing the latest in technology, maybe it’s time to catch up to the competition. Long View is here to help; reach out to us and we’ll get you up to speed.

* Source: Adweek

**“2014 U.S. Small & Medium Business ICT & Cloud Services Tracker Overview,” December 2013, AMI. SMBs consider these factors very important.

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