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Successful partnership between North America’s oldest oil and natural gas producers and Long View

A continuing alignment of both culture and service vision is the key to the successful partnership between one of North America’s oldest oil and natural gas producers and Long View Systems


Over the past 17 years, the evolution of technology has been incredible, enabling businesses to achieve new and exciting levels of success. However, keeping pace with innovation requires more than new technology, it requires vision, collaboration, and a shared sense of purpose with a trusted partner.

Since 2003 for one of North America’s oldest oil and natural gas producers, that trusted partner has been Long View Systems.

From staff augmentation to Managed Information Technology Services (MITS) in the early days to addressing the increasing need for improved end-user experience
today, the client’s partnership with Long View continues to evolve, grow, and proactively adapt to the changing demands of a modern, digital office.

Supporting the company’s operations in both Canada and the United States, Long View recently provided the governance and structure necessary to deliver services in critical areas to increase end-user satisfaction. The areas of primary focus included: Service Desk, Deskside support, Field support, ITAP (access provisioning) field support, printer support, AV support, mobility, and procurement.

Today, the benefits of a shared culture and service vision are reflected in a significant improvement in IT infrastructure support, including SLA performance, resulting from better service ticket management and resolution. As a result, the end-user experience is now at the optimum level, which is the hallmark of an efficient digital organization.





  • A lack of corresponding documentation further complicated a significant and growing backlog of tickets from the client’s previous provider.
  • There was an urgent need to improve the client’s end-user customer experience.
  • As the company grew the gaps in service delivery were having an even more significant impact.
  • The client needed a trusted partner who could provide a governance and structure model that would effectively align with their strategic service and support objectives.


  • The implementation of the needed governance and structure.
  • The delivery of services in the following areas: Service Desk, Deskside support, ITAP (access provisioning) field support, printer support, AV support and mobility, covering North America.


  • A dramatic and notable improvement in end-user customer satisfaction through an improvement in SLA performance and service ticket management and resolution.
  • The provision of accurate KPI reporting resulting in a more reliable method of tracking and measuring performance. As a result, new and potential service gaps are now quickly identified, providing the client to address any issues on a proactive and therefore timely basis.
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