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Recognizing And Capitalizing On The Opportunities Brought About By Immense Disruption

Over the past few months, I have read many articles that talked about the disruptive nature of digital transformation and how it can create uncertainty for organizations. In the digital age, change is a constant and while it is never easy, change is inevitable.

Certainly, and as Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins pointed out in his November 17th CNBC interview, the ability to help organizations to “deal with the pace at which they are trying to move” in areas such as automation, analytics, and security is at the heart of Cisco’s vision – for today and tomorrow.

At Cisco, we see the immense and unparalleled opportunities in this digital age powered by intelligence. Digital transformation is the catalyst for positive change and has and will continue to transform the way we work and live –  for the better.

Our ability to see the opportunities in change is also one of the reasons why we are fundamentally reinventing the networking industry as reflected in our Network Intuitive launch. In this new era of intelligence, in which the role of the network has never been so critical, we can transform our digital world by harnessing its full promise through intent-based technologies that constantly learn, adapt, and protect.

Canada is on the forefront of this change and is driving disruption. The Toronto-Waterloo corridor now rivals Silicon Valley as an innovation generator. As artificial intelligence gains prominence, both Toronto, and Montreal are also emerging as global centres of innovation.  And this is just the beginning. It’s with this spirit of enthusiasm that I am looking forward to talking with you about the tremendous opportunities through immense disruption and how you can leverage them to future-proof your business at the Long View ACTIVATEDIGITAL 2018 Conference in Guelph this coming February.

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