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Nexii Building Solutions with Microsoft Azure

Nexii building solutions with microsoft azure 3

After years of research and development, brother inventors Michael and Ben Dumbowsky of Nexii Building Solutions realized a proprietary invention that would change the future of construction. Nexiite is a high-performance building material that enables Nexii Panels to be strong, lightweight, low-carbon, and fire and water resistant. It has an ultra-efficient manufacturing process, rapid on-site assembly, and a zero-waste mandate.



Nexii has a rapid growth strategy and recently achieved ‘unicorn status’. When we began work, the company had just acquired a competitor, which led to the need to combine the two companies’ data into a comprehensive data platform. Nexii didn’t have the in-house expertise to support the implementation of Microsoft D365 and needed a quick-to-market solution to meet their aggressive timelines.


  • We started with a whiteboarding session to identify the business’s immediate and future-state requirements
  • Next, we collaborated with the client to design a forward-thinking solution that fit their need to synthesize data rapidly
  • We made recommendations on technologies to the senior leadership at Nexii and educated them on what was driving our choices
  • We delivered quickly by using Azure DevOps to support an agile approach and Microsoft best practices to support the solution design, from business lineage to technical lineage
  • Technologies used included: Azure DevOps, Azure Data Lake, Azure Databricks, Key Vault, Power BI


  • By collaborating with the client, we were able to link key business requirements to all aspects of the final solution
  • Our work increased client productivity by automating deployment into multiple environments
  • The solution supports sustainable building and future growth, with valuable improvements in time-to-market performance
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