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Microsoft Teams Stream Upgrade

Effective Q1 2021 – No More Recordings Can be Stored in Stream and existing videos need to be migrated by 2022.


Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Microsoft has recently announced that a new Modern Stream is rolling out and Classic Stream will block new uploads in Q1 2021.
  • My business is not prepared for Modern Stream that has many advantages over Classic Stream, but requires new ways of creating and managing meeting recordings.
  • We just implemented Teams for our business and our recordings have become a critical asset with change management still a struggle.
  • We are getting more and more concerned about securing our data, recordings, etc.
  • Where do my new recordings go and what do I need to do with my existing recordings and videos?
  • Our remote workforce is here to stay and the importance of a consistent and predictable platform has never been greater.




By choosing Long View we enable your business to:

  • Assess your current Teams environment to ensure maximum functionality.
  • Migrate from the current Teams – Classic Stream to the new and upgraded Modern Stream.
  • Allow your business to take advantage of the new features and functions
  • New recording storage and sharing options
  • Improved information governance
  • Better permissions and sharing capabilities
  • Ensure your Teams Live Events files are hosted and managed in a secure and reliable environment.


Business Value:

  • Empower your business to harness the latest Modern Stream features/functions.
  • Provides the foundation to build a robust information management policy.
  • Implements current technology upgrades to ensure a productive Modern Workplace.
  • Recordings will be stored and shared from OneDrive, Teams and SharePoint.
  • Play recordings on video player embedded in OneDrive, Teams or SharePoint.
  • Leverage new Modern Stream model to play/edit/create video files .


Engagement Outcomes:

  • Create and deliver communications and training to your employees so they can leverage the new Stream features, and understand best practices for creating and managing meeting recordings.
  • Create a Governance Plan for videos including meeting recordings, that incorporates information governance and external sharing.
  • Work with you to create a companywide video portal as per the Governance Plan and Microsoft recommendations.
  • Create Migration plan that is ready to implement once Microsoft releases the migration tools, and an immediate action plan for high priority materials.


Next Steps:

  • Reach out to Long View today to resolve your challenges and how best to take advantage of the new Modern Stream.
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