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Long View Team FLEXPOD Gran Fondo Ride

Sponsored by Long View, NetApp, Cisco and VMware.

As a company Long View sees ourselves on a long ride, hence the name Long View. It’s our ambition to become a 100-year-old company. We want to create a legacy of outstanding service, one that will sustain our partners and staff well into the future.

The Gran Fondo (Italian for big ride) is a microcosm of this. It’s not a sprint, neither is our business. Great results this kilometer or this quarter aren’t the goal. And just like in the Fondo we make sacrifices in the short term to ensure our success long term. It’s a metaphor for who we want to be in business, and helps us stay focused on the long view.

We are looking forward to sharing this incredible experience with you, follow our blog as we count down to the Gran Fondo:

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