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Long View Launches Hybrid IT Service Offerings, Supported Through a New Website

CALGARY, Alberta and DENVER, Colorado (May 14, 2014) — Long View, one of North America’s most powerful providers of IT consulting, outsourcing solutions, cloud services, and customer-service dedication, is pleased to announce that along with the launch of their new website, has also given their innovative approach to IT solutions a new name, Hybrid IT.

Hybrid IT consists of six critical elements that are leveraged to create unique solutions; Infrastructure, Applications, Cloud/Managed IT, Procurement/Licensing, Compliance, and End User Experience. This delivery model is based on the understanding that no two companies are alike, therefore no two solutions can be the same.

“We’ve never based our customer solutions on a single technology, platform, or consumption model. In our industry, pre-packaged solutions are often outdated before they hit the shelf,” says Gord Mawhinney, Long View’s Chief Executive Officer. “Hybrid IT requires a broad base of industry knowledge, agility, collaboration, and customer-service dedication — and it culminates in delivering business outcome based solutions for every one of our clients.”

“Many IT service providers have tried to capitalize on efficiencies by commoditizing their offerings.” says Mawhinney, “At Long View, we believe every solution needs a unique blend of elements. It’s why we’ve assembled a team of experts with a broad and deep understanding of the technologies and architectures available.”

Long View’s Hybrid IT platform coincides with the launch of the company’s new website With news, industry insights, case studies, blog posts, a robust social media feed, and numerous career opportunities, Long View’s website places a premium on content.

“Our new website has been designed as a go-to source for our customers with consumable, expert information on all of the newest trends in IT,” says Mawhinney. “The website has valuable and constantly updated content that reflects the work our talented Long View team do with our clients throughout North America.”

ABOUT LONG VIEW: Long View is one of North America’s most powerful providers of IT consulting, outsourcing solutions, and cloud services, with offices across the continent. By maintaining a clear focus on combining business and technology in key areas such as cloud, datacenter infrastructure, user support, and IT outsourcing, Long View is able to define and customize what the future of IT looks like. Innovative, flexible, cost-effective, and business focused . . . that’s Long View.

For more information:

Tannis Ebbels Director of Marketing and Communications
Long View
Phone: 403.387.3489
E-mail: [email protected]

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