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The right tools for today, and tomorrow.

Technology continues to be a primary catalyst for change across the globe and in North American markets. Demands for innovation, integration, and artificial intelligence capabilities across the technology sector are driving the evolution of Managed Service providers to provide comprehensive, secure, and efficient services to remain competitive.

Supporting our mission to provide exceptional value to our clients means that we’re undergoing a strategic alignment with these demands, and that means improving the tools and technologies that power our services. That’s why we’re excited to announce that Long View has not only partnered with ServiceNow, the premier digital workflow solution for enterprises, but that we are integrating the ServiceNow NOW platform into our Managed Services offerings.

Why ServiceNow?

ServiceNow is one of the premier leaders in not only in multiple Gartner magic quadrants, but also as the tool of choice for MSPs overall, with a sizable customer base to match. The NOW platform’s superior capabilities in IT Service Management, self-service functionality, and automation in a platform-as-a-service model provide improved operational efficiencies and optimize outcomes for enterprises. These benefits align perfectly with the mandate at the heart of Our Journey to 100 years: bringing simplicity, agility, and insight to our clients and their business.

Why now?

Our long view is that excellence can’t happen without change, and there’s no better time to improve than the present. Of course, implementing such an essential change requires carefully considered planning and strategy to maximize the benefits; that’s why over the course of the next two calendar years, we will be migrating not only our own business but also support for our clients.

What should I expect?

The implementation of ServiceNow will bring new functionality and features to benefit our client’s business outcomes, our service delivery, and overall end user experience.

A methodical approach over an appropriate timeline will enable us to understand the unique needs of your business, communicate and understand the outcomes that are vital to your success, and provide support for an exceptional transition experience. Providing support to those outcomes means ensuring users have access to tailored training, mechanisms for sharing feedback, and access to existing historical data throughout the transition.

Our client partnerships thrive on our key pillars of competence, integrity, and value – knowing that these are the underpinning drivers of this change, you can expect a variety of communications and updates from your Long View representative to support your insight and readiness for this transformation.

In closing...

As the pace of digital change accelerates, the dynamic businesses of this world need a partner to help them make sense of what’s next. With this addition of top-tier technology to our strategy, we are the partner helping businesses keep pace with the digital world. Our aim is to make the work lives of every employee out there easier, smarter, and happier. We are inviting the whole world, to work better.


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