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Heavy equipment company relied on Long View Systems and Microsoft’s strong partnership to modernize their data ecosystem

When it came to taking the initial steps to becoming a digital organization, an industry-leader in heavy equipment solutions relied on Long View Systems and Microsoft’s strong partnership to modernize their data ecosystem


Analyzing and responding to the inevitable changes in market conditions to deliver increasing value requires timely insight and actionable knowledge that you can trust. Data Modernization is the key to turning big data into business agility and the foundation for building a modern digital organization.

Recognizing that their data ecosystem’s modernization is more than the simple movement of information from legacy databases to modern cloud-based platforms, an industry-leading provider of heavy equipment solutions turned to Long View Systems and Microsoft for both expertise and guidance.

Relying on the unprecedented level of experience and recognized success of the well-established and enduring partnership between Long View and Microsoft, the client begins its digital transformation journey confident not only in the path to digitization but successful outcomes both today and in the future.




Business Challenges

  • Lack of insight into their data across their business to provide a single pane of truth
  • A limited data capture and enterprise-wide integration capability
  • Low confidence in the quality of their data or the ability to access and use it with their existing tools and resources

Solutions Used

  • Data Platform in 60 Days (Dpi60)
  • Azure Synapse
  • Azure Databricks

Customer Impact

  • A clear and confident path to digital transformation
  • Partner Confidence - despite stiff competition, the depth of expertise and strength of the Long View – Microsoft partnership was a deciding factor
  • The creation of a modern data ecosystem that will provide actionable insights to optimize business agility
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