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From challenges to solutions, together

From challenges to solutions, together. Learn how we worked alongside Parkland County to overcome the challenges of the pandemic — within our business and theirs – and enabled the company’s quick adoption of modern workplace technologies.

Challenge: The early days of COVID-19 were especially challenging for all organizations, and Long View was no exception. Our relationship with Parkland County came about when we were undergoing major internal change while executing on a number of new projects. So, when Parkland needed our help to transition their team to 100% remote work, the situation asked us to be agile operationally and to work collaboratively with our clients to overcome challenges; theirs, but ours too.

  • Due to pandemic-related onboarding gaps, Parkland did not receive proper orientation before service go-live; there was no overview of the services they purchased, no agreed upon demand management strategy, no change management alignment, and no overall communication plan - resulting in mismatched expectations, invoice payment delays, project issues, outages, and more.
  • There was fragmented architectural support from Long View, focusing on immediate needs more than on strategic vision
  • Projects were moving too fast, placing additional load on operations due to the need to rapidly operationalize newly introduced capabilities
  • Front line support (Long View Service Desk) challenges caused by staff attrition and restrictive resourcing did not allow for fast capacity scaling in response to a change in circumstances


  • Long View assembled a Get 2 Great team, which co-created a plan in partnership with the client to reach future state. It addressed main concerns and root causes, from both Parkland and Long View’s perspectives.
  • The plan was executed over the following 5 months.


  • Parkland’s IT team conducted a number of focus groups with their end users and the feedback they received was overwhelmingly positive.
  • The client appreciated the agility and the professionalism of the front-line support provided by the Service Desk.
  • Operational SLAs went back to green, and client Net Promoter Score surveys gave us a Promoter score of 9.
  • The client expanded their business with us by signing an improved, more comprehensive managed services contract with Long View.
  • Parkland, in collaboration with Long View, has created a multi-year technology roadmap to address the evolving business objectives with innovative, technical solutions.
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