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Digital Transformation: How BlackBerry Secures a Hyperconnected World

The future lies in the Enterprise of Things. The vast, fast-growing global network of Internet-connected devices and endpoints represents an enormous opportunity for businesses across every industry, and the next stage in the digital transformation of enterprises. But that opportunity does not come without great risk.

Hospital tech. Cars and roads. Power and water grids. Airliners. Industrial equipment. Everything is being brought online. There are already tens of billions of connected devices and endpoints worldwide, and that number will only grow larger.

In such a hyperconnected world, cybersecurity is not just about protecting data, but also protecting people – the secure flow of information is both mission- and safety-critical. Because when everything is connected, everything is a target. And if even a single endpoint in a system is unprotected, nothing is secure.

Securing the Enterprise of Things is a massive undertaking, and requires a completely new approach to cybersecurity. BlackBerry understands this, which is why we are working closely with leaders in every sector to change the way their organization secures and protects everything from BYOD devices and wearable technology to credit card data and movie scripts.

We are historically well-positioned in this regard. The magic in our smartphones that made us a global brand is the elegant and durable architecture and IP we developed for highly secure, reliable, and efficient device-to-device messaging and communications. That same architecture has broad applicability today across the billions of fast-proliferating EoT endpoints. We are trusted by some of the world’s most secure organizations to safeguard their people, assets, and data – which we do through BlackBerry Secure – our comprehensive, endpoint-focused approach to securing the EoT.

With help from our vast partner ecosystem, our software cybersecurity portfolio has never been stronger. Through tools like BlackBerry UEMBlackBerry QNX, and BlackBerry Jarvis, we stand ready to secure, connect, and protect the digital enterprise. Finally, having recently undergone an evolution of our own, we know what’s required for businesses to successfully complete their digital transformation.

Long View’s ActivateDigital2018 Conference this February will bring together the industry’s top leaders to discuss topics like the digital transformation of the enterprise. I look forward to seeing you at this year’s event and continuing the conversation with you there.

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