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Digital Organization Spotlight Series: Meet the People Behind Long View – Sean

Meet SeanDevOps Solutions on Azure Lead at Long View Systems  

Currently working on internal improvements and 
the evolution of Long View’s Service Provider tools and client offerings, Sean is also overseeing the creation of DevOps as a Service fully managed client solution. 

In this Spotlight Series post, we get up close and personal with Sean regarding the Digital OrganizationOver the past 26 years – 15 of which were with Microsoft, Sean has established himself as one of the “most trusted Azure experts” in the country.  Skilled in everything from IT Cloud Strategy to ISV solutions on Microsoft Azure, he possesses a technical expertise that simplifies and accelerates enterprise digital transformation.  

In your own words, 
Sean, what does the Digital Organization mean to you? 

Many organizations traditionally view technology as a supplemental tool to automate “physical work” such as number crunching with calculator. In other words, it is purely a physical transformation. 

With digital transformation, there is a maturation through which companies move from this “physical process” to being driven by the data they are producing and consuming. As a result, they can respond to changing situations quickly and on a real-time basis, such as with the pandemic.  

Think of digital transformation as the evolution of technology automation in which organizations move from managing data to creating actionable knowledge. Companies can use the data beyond the technology because the digital side does not have to deal with the remnants of having to worry about physical processes in the same way they have in the past. 

Based on this perspective, a significant point for companies to understand is that digital transformation is a continuous journey that is different for each organization depending on their industry and size.  

In your role at Long View, how do you make the Digital Organization tangible and add value to clients?

With Long View, I have traditionally worked directly with clients on developing a strategy of moving forward from where they are today by clarifying their identity as a business and what they are trying to do by becoming a digital organization. 

In other words, they need to look at strategy and processes to determine to what degree their business model will change and the corresponding return on the effort. To do this effectively, organizational leadership is the key to success from buy-in to ongoing commitment. 

My role at Long View is to help clients with their digital journey from conceptualizing the vision, to establishing a concise strategy that provides a clear and agile path to becoming a digital organization. 

When considering outcomes
, why do you believe Long View is the ideal partner for clients? 

Ultimately, digital transformation is about doing business differently to realize current objectives and creating an agile framework to ensure ongoing success.   

Long View is not only a proactive partner in a client's digital journey; we also understand the critical checkpoints for measuring success. These measurements include: driving cost out of the business model, providing clients with the ability to respond "quicker" to emerging market conditions and ultimately redeploying people resources to focus on more strategic and productive tasks within the new and evolving digital enterprise.

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