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Digital Organization Spotlight Series: Meet the People Behind Long View – Dave Hewlett

Meet Dave HewlettVP - Business Applications and Data Modernization  

In his 
role as VP - Business Applications and Data Modernization for Long View Systems, Dave Hewlett oversees the company’s new Business Applications and Data Modernization portfolio. 

In this Spotlight Series post, we get up close and personal with Dave regarding the Digital OrganizationA seasoned high technology visionary, Dave has held senior positions with notable brands such as Hitachi and lululemon. Leveraging client-side experience and industry expertise, he understands what it takes to elevate business performance and success through digital transformation.  

In your own words, 
Dave, what does the Digital Organization mean to you? 

Turning data into "actionable knowledge." Finding the hidden value in the information, you have collected over time. These are just a few of the generalized comments you hear regarding data modernization and the emergence of the digital organization. 

However, beyond being empowered with data, a digital organization is aligned with the fourth industrial revolution - which is all things connected at all times. From the Internet of Things (sensors, telematics) to the Internet of Everything (social media), there is a global connectivity that creates a vast amount of data. 

Understanding this level of connectivity and accessibility and what it means to your business is where the "true" digital transformation begins. It is an essential step towards learning how your company can leverage technology to remain competitive and drive profitability. 

In your role at Long View, how do you make the Digital Organization tangible and add value to clients?

Conversation and education is the starting point. The digital discussion is daunting for most organizations, especially when it comes to wrapping one's mind around the possibilities and taking the next step towards building the new, transformed organization. 

My role is to informeducate, and demystify aligning technology and business opportunity in an iterative, agile way. Incremental, purposeful, and in-production are key building blocks for achieving an accelerated time to value outcome. 

hy do you believe Long View is the ideal partner for clients? 

Long View has added new capabilities that complement our existing, rich history of infrastructure, security, and procurement services.  

These growth areas are Data Modernization (Analytics, Data Science, Machine Learning, IoT, Canvas Apps, Robotic Process Automation, AI) and Business Applications (Dynamics 365 portfolio, Business Central).  

Not only will this portfolio bring new technical capabilities to our customers, but it also brings new methodologies that include DevOps, DataOps, and CI/CD along with fit-for-purpose Agile project execution. 

In line with our Journey to 100 years, we help the world work better and smarter by recognizing and getting in front of innovation, be it with today's business applications and data modernization portfolio or tomorrow's next significant technology breakthrough.  

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